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Pink and Black Cruella Tutorial

I recolored my hair earlier this week and finally got around to posting it. I had posted my hair inspiration ideas here earlier. Here is what I did!

I did half pink and half black but in my "fringe" or bangs area I did a mixture of pink, orange and red.
Depending how I part my hair, the colors can look very different. I did still have some purple in my hair from last color I had so I have a nice ombre'd effect. I love it.  I miss having Black hair as well. So I made a compromise. hahaha

When I went to Cosmoprof (a store for licensed cosmetologists) to pick up the black color (1A Paul Mitchell), The lady at the counter gave me some free samples! I got some dry shampoo, a sample of Biolage New Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and 2 packages of the New Paul Mitchell Synchro Lightener, which I have been DYING to try out!

To get this look, Here are the supplies I used. You may not have some of these supplies in your area or dont have access to a Cosmoprof, you can use whatever you have available to you.

What You Need:

*Color Bowl
*Color mixing whisk
*measuring cup
*hair clips
*hair lightener of your choice ( I used Synchro Lift)
*10 Volume Developer (I used Paul Mitchell)
*your funky color of choice (I used 4 diff kinds)
                  *Pink Joico Semi Permanent Hair Color
                  *Orange Joico Semi Permanent Hair Color
                  *Red Paul Mitchell Semi Permanent Hair Color
                  *1A Blue Black Paul Mitchell Permanent Hair Color

Below I sketched out the color placement of this so if you want to know where to put what color, this is an easy guide for you!

I applied Synchro Lift first to my right side and applied ONLY TO THE NEW GROWTH. I worked from the bottom to the top sectioning in 1 inch sections, outlining the big section first. I saved the front and the shaved side for last because that doesnt take long to lighten.

REVIEW of Synchro Lift- their claims of having NO smell is absolutelu true. No harsh Chemical Smell! Nice creamy texture, it is slightly blue. It took one scoop and 60 mils of developer. I was barely done applying it to half my head and it had already started to lighten dramatically. No burning or anything or scalp irritation. So, I am def gonna buy a tub of this and use it on my clients and myself. :) It does lift alot of levels. It claims to lift up to 7 levels and I am a natural it lifted a nice 5 levels no problem.

Using 2 mirrors (one for the front and then the back) I started on the other half. I mixed 2 ounces of the 1A and 60 ounces of the 10 volume developer and mixed. Using the same technique, I outlined the section (being careful not to get the black mixed with the bleach) and worked from bottom up. I processed (waited) for 35 minutes. The Synchro timed just right and it was a nice blonde color.

Time to rinse! I rinsed the black side first so it wouldnt bleed on the blonde. Then rinsed the blonde out. I took the sample of the biolage shampoo and used that on my hair. I conditioned with Paul Mitchell Detangler.

Review of Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner: AMAZING!!!!! Left my hair super soft and helped repair my split ends!!!!
I blowdried the blonde part, separated the fringed and the part I am planning to color pink. I applied the PINK JOICO over the blonde, making sure the strands were fully saturated. For the fringe, I applied the pink first the blended the orange and then red for the rest. I clipped them in hair clips to keep them separated. I left this color on for about an hour. I also applied a lil heat for a few minutes with my blow dryer to set in the color.

I rinsed it out, used the rest of the Biolage Shampoo and then the conditioner. Blowdried and smoothed out my hair. This is the outcome!

I hope you stayed with me reading this tutorial! Next time, I'll make a video so it wont be that long!

Getting That Color Itch Again

I am addicted to color! I don't plan on coloring my hair every month or so, but I get bored with my hair now. I am starting to get that itch where I want something new and fresh...again. I just think it's fun. I feel like I have done every color, but I really havent. To see my hair timeline, you can see it here.  My inspiration comes from all over, but lately I've been on Pintrest of course. Here is what I am feeling lately:

Then, Paul Mitchell brought back their blue powder lightener cream and I am super excited to try it out. It says it can lift up to 7 levels..yea 7 levels in a gentle way. Because we all know anything you do to your hair even shampooing your hair damages it. Imagine what bleach does, thats why I am always do a conditioning treatment after I color my hair with Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin treatment. Love it.

It's Sunday, and I am at home, watching The Goonies with the kids, hubby is sleeping in and I am finishing up a video that I was supposed to post before or on fourth of July...yea, its been a lil busy. I havent been feeling too well, theres something going around. I hope its not the Zombie Virus and its just a summer cold. Its been ridonkulously hot and humid and its making me miserable to where I dont even want to wear makeup. Ugh. Oh well.

Since the library here is closed on sundays in the summer, something I didnt even know about till this morning, I guess we will just go hang out at my mom's house and let the kids run amuck. Have a great sunday!

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."