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Taste the RAINBOW

I teamed up with my friend T'tielle a few days ago during our photoshoot class to practice on my Day of the Dead makeup, which turned out A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! (If you missed out on it, click here). So, the next day, it was her turn to do my hair and makeup. She wanted to do a Skittles Candy Theme. We tried to glue Skittle to my eyebrows but we werent able to get them to stick without cutting them in half ( I forgot my exacto knife which would have worked perfectly!) She ended up putting loose glitter overwhere the Skittles should have been. We had fun attempting to put candy on my face. hahaha

T'Tielle has a very bright and fun outgoing personality so I thought it was perfect that she wanted to do this rainbow theme makeup. I love that she wanted to use blue as a blush on my cheeks. I love anything out of the box!

Our friend, Jinaki "Naki Saki" braided up my hair and curled it so it would be fun and bouncy! Then paired with my most brightest yellow top and green dress, I took a few pictures. I look like an 80's commercial for Rainbow Brite or Skittles. hahahahaa

The other girls in my class looked so AMAZING too!

And this last picture, I had to take with the "fish face" just to mock all the girls that do that face when they take pictures. and you know what I am talking about. We all used to do it. lol

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

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