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It is Wednesday, wait a minute, no it's Thursday! The week is flying by and it's been very productive! And I'm thankful to keep myself busy especially when things have been crazy. My life seems to be taking sharp and twisting turns, leaving me to try to understand them.

I will say that in the midst of change, I am becoming stronger and even more sure of some ways. But other ways, I am unsure of which direction I should move towards. It's not that I'm scared of change. I know things need to change. I fear I am becoming "comfortable." I don't like that one bit. I love to challenge myself and rise to the occasion of what is presented to me.

I being faced with decisions...that affect multiple parts of my life. Personal wise, work wise, art wise. It can be a lil overwhelming. I'm taking the day today to relax and let things fall into place.

As for these decisions I need to make, I am breaking out the ol' pen and pad to go over the pros and cons of what I need to do to help me in my big decisions.

If you are facing change and need to make a decision, you are def not alone. The only advice is go with what you feel is right in your heart and make sure you really think about what will happen on what you choose. Life can change so fast, you gotta be ready for it. Don't be afraid to change. Things happen for a reason. 

Thanks for stopping by Sweet Surrender! :) See you again soon!

Let Haters be your Motivators

I wanted to just write a quick post that I have been wanting to do for about a week now, and I am finally having time to get to it. I have noticed lately the importance of professionalism. I have always strived to maintain a professional image before, but now that I am venturing into my own business and becoming a freelance artist, I have been paying more attention that usual.  These are just some tips I learned and apply to business.

Dress the part- you attract people based on your look, your attitude and how you carry yourself. I am not saying you have to care what everyone thinks of you on a personal level, but when you are in business for yourself, you do want to care how your CLIENTS think of you. Confidence and Self Esteem go hand in hand here.

 Being professional doesnt mean you have to be boring, or become a corporate suit. You can still be "YOU" and maintain a pro image. When youre freelance, there is no company name to back you up besides the one you are building yourself. Its not like a modeling agency, or a salon or department store where they have a reputation, and you are one of the countless employees on their payroll.

BE SOCIAL but be careful of what you are posting and how your clients may view you and what you stand for. Language and grammar can send the right or wrong message. If you are trying to target a certain group, pay close attention to trends and what they see if they are on your network or page. Although social networks are a great marketing and advertising tool, the best and fastest type of advertisement is WORD OF MOUTH. Good News travels but Bad news travels faster.

Even if you had a bad experience with a person or business, be careful of whom you speak with about it. You never know if the person you are talking to is close to that other person and what you say could be really hurtful or damaging. Word travels and things also are exaggerated. Word can get back to the other person and overall gossiping just makes you look uneducated and ignorant.  Its just not good business.

Dont be that artist that does the same things. As an artist, you have to constantly grow, change, adapt and overcome to new things and new opportunities. Strive to complete your goals and go beyond it to the next thing. We are always learning, always changing, dont be afraid of it. Dont worry about what other people will do or say- do what inspires you!

No matter what you are doing or what you have done in the past or present, someone is always going to be the negative hater and try to bring you down either by gossiping about you to others, straight to your face or go out of their way to make you miserable. IGNORE THEM. I know that can be hard when what they say or do really hurts your feelings.

Haters will say you cant do it, or thats impossible, or You suck at life, or even call you everyname in the book, or use your past or mistakes against you and judge you upon nothing they know about. And I say this because I know what thats like for people to talk about me. Although it does affect me on a personal and emotional level, I wont let it get to me. I let those haters be my motivators.

I was told that I will never be successful. I will never have a second chance. I will never be able to have a job doing what I love. I will never have a normal life. I will never be happy. I have already proved that I am successful, I am loved, I have an amazing family and support system, I do exactly what I love-and I have more of a normal life than anyone I know  and I am SOOOOO HAPPY with my life and good things have been happening because I do not let anything get me down.

These are just things I wanted to share. I hope it helped you reading this to have confidence in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.

Surrender to Your Inner Artist