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Dual Action baby!

What is Dual Action do you ask???? Well, let me explain lol. If you followed my blog last year, I had bought a cheap airbrush kit from a guy on craigslist for $35 that he had bought from Home Depot. I had used it for a bit, but I was really limited in what I could do because it is a single action airbrush: meaning you press down on the lever and it just blows out air and you have to manually adjust how much comes out (little spray or big spray). I also lost some of the pieces that went to that airbrush gun so made it really hard to use.

Here is a pic so you can see what I am talkin about:
If that is something you think you can handle: you can buy it here for only $10.

So, instead I bought a dual action airbrush, which when you press the lever, you control the air and the flow of the air, making it easier to manage and easier to paint details or large areas and change it without having to stop and readjust.

I found this one for only $20

It just shipped today, so I should get it in a few days. If youre an airbrush artist, or looking to get started, try this set at this Link here. This does not include the compressor!

I am excited to get this airbrush. It is also a gravity feed, which means instead of a jar being screwed into the bottom, theres a lil "bowl" that just lets the paint go into the air flow (if you have ever had your nails airbrushes, it looks like that).

I use an airbrush for many things to include painting large areas, detailing smaller items, labeling my stuff with a stencil, and now that I am training to be a cosmetologist, I am going to be using it for airbrush tanning and airbrush makeup and body painting! Check out some images of art used with an airbrush!

Moon and Stars on Nails

Dragon on Electric Guitar

Medusa looking inspired body art

custom BMW Car Graphics

Custom Steelers Body Art

Beach Sunset Airbrushes Surfboards

Classic Marilyn

black and white/ technicolor Lucille Ball "I Love Lucy"

Airbrush Artist in Action!

Custom Car Graphics!

I hope it inspires you to create beautiful art of your own! Remember, Its Never Too Late for Your Dreams to Come True!

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