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Sweet Surrender Ink

Hello my mah-ve-lous dah-lings! Its Monday night and I am finally able to have a moment to myself to blog!!! I wish I had enough energy to blog everyday like I used to, but when I get home- it’s the last thing on my mind! And its crazy to think I havent blogged all week because I have been on the computer most of the time. So, what have I been doing? I have been promoting my butt off! More like my fingers with all the typing I have been doing!


I have been online-promoting the salon and trying to get people in the salon and so far-its been great! We have been having many specials and promos and been all over social media websites. I am sure a lot of people are sick of me posting, but its time to WERK!

All the promoting and hustle is paying off, I am happy to announce that the fabulous owners of Layla Glam Squad has promoted me to manager! I am so excited to be working some a group of talented stylists as well!

At Layla Glam Squad, we now have the Facebook page up and running- as well as Instagram so if you are in the local area, def check us out and stop  by and say hi!

Yesterday, I was able to check out the First Annual Tattoo Festival in Virginia Beach! It wasn’t as big as the one in Hampton that I attended in 2012, but it was still fun. I love everything about the tattooed culture- the energy is amazing and I get so inspired by the different styles of all these talented artists.


I picked up a few new inks from Eternal Ink- which I used earlier today! I love the pink and the purple!


I love picking up all the stickers and business cards from expos- especially tattoo artists. We are such a creative rare breed and I love to see how artists express themselves through their art.

I ended my night tonight by doing this tattoo on my friend Cori, I didn’t tattoo the big star in the middle, I tattooed the smaller ones and the cheetah print and I was excited to have a lil fun with color, seeing as all the other tattoos I have done, have been all black, some red and some graywash.


I created a new Instagram ( I know that makes 3 separate accounts) named: Sweetsurrenderink and it will feature nothing but my tattoo designs and tattoos that I am doing. So, make sure to follow!

I am exhausted and its time for me to go nighty night. So thanks for stopping by as always and see you again in the next post!