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Comfortable Silence

Happy October, my friends! I cannot believe how it is already Fall. Now that I am getting back into my groove of things, and finally over my cold, I can get back to business! With October comes many harvest festivals, carnivals, hayrides and haunted houses and I love it all. It’s a season of warm cider, hot chocolate and coffee. Long walks in the woods, watching the leaves change, building fires and decorating for the holidays. It’s a time of family, friends, gatherings and special events.



There is a part of me that loves being outdoors, when its cold enough to put a few layers on, but not too cold to where my toes are numb and I have frostbite on my nose. When I was younger, I loved to explore trails, woods and secret pathways. I am always curious to see what I can find. The same goes for Antique stores, and libraries, I am a geek to the core. For some reason, when I am exploring, the cooler weather just makes it so much more different. It sets a mood, it puts excitement into the air and it energizes my soul.


The smell of the grass, earth and trees, the comfortable silence and the innocence of nature. It draws my curiosity, entices me with its spirit.


The library holds mystery, like a secret that is waiting to be found, to be explored. I love curling up in a big sofa, with a blanket, a cup of coffee and getting completely lost in another world, while a warm, crackling fire tries to lull me asleep with the smell of burning wood. Behind the book, all time stops, its almost like you walk through the wardrobe into a strange land the moment you open a book.



Since I cant always run off to the library or go hiking through the woods, I try to make my home a sanctuary where I can relax, calm down and reenergize. I love Hazlenut Cream, cinnamon bun, vanilla spice any type of spice candle, where it either smells like a coffee shop or a bakery shop. What can I say, I have  sweet tooth, and I love for it to smell sweet too.







Autumn is a time for piling layers of clothing on, long socks, long sleeves, scarves, hats and gloves, leather boots and bags. I feel more comfortable in layers of clothes than a glamorous formal gown. Of course, I have to share some styles that I am in love with and that I would totally wear and I wish I could just “download” it off the internet and into my closet. Oh, why don’t we have this technology readily available to us??? One day, I can only hope.







What I love the most about the fall and the holidays that are quickly approaching, is having those you adore, love and cherish with you to share these simple, yet very meaningful moments in our short time of this life. Although I am an introvert at heart, and I love my “me time” and I am comfortable being alone, but I love going out and having fun and being goofy around those I can be myself around.

This past weekend kickstarted the season, and I was able to enjoy my past weekend with my family and children. We headed to the Neptune Festival where we hoped to catch a glimpse of same rad sand sculptures, eat a ton of festival food, and check out local and out of town vendors and artists. Lets not forget about all the live music provided by passionate musicians.


Look how bog my babies are getting!


My cousin, brother and mom!


Kiddos with my cousin and her boyfriend.


My younger brother and I!


My son and I on his 8th birthday!


Outside Dairy Queen!



My cousin, Marina and I!


Momma and I at a concert!



My Aunt Beth and I!

Let me add a photo I just got today of the newest member of the family, Jacob (which yes, the kids named after Jacob from Twilight and who am I to deny that????). I just got this photo today from the woman I bought him from'; we cannot wait to get him next week.


I cant wait until we can take Jacob with us on some nature walks! We have a whole lot of love to give this lil guy!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, because I really enjoyed writing it. I really share a part of me that is rather hidden away, but I hope that we are all kindred spirits here and that we can grow together and inspire one another.

Here are two videos that I have posted this week to my youtube, and if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, here is your chance! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and comment and like!

See you again soon!


Salon Attire with a Rebel Twist

Last week, I browsed a few stores and picked up on some clothes for the salon and being a fashion major at heart, I browsed online too for some trends that can be fashionable even though you are limited to certain colors for the salon. The beauty about working in the beauty industry is that we have the freedom to express ourselves in a creative way. Here are some trends I love and this can go for anyone-not just for hairstylists and makeup artists. Some of these I even count on being fashionable for the fall season so gear up!



















Here is a lil video I posted to youtube of me just picking up a few things and rambling on about some fun and exciting events coming up!

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Also, in honor of Layla Glam Squad’s Grand Opening Week, we are offering 50% off all services until Sunday, July 28th 2013! Check out the flyer I designed below for more information!

promo flyer


We are going to be offering Make Up Classes for anyone who is interested in learning more about what makeup is right for them and applying techniques. This will be a monthly event to be announced at least a month in advance where we will offer refreshments and you will have the chance to get all your questions asked face to face!

flyer makeup

I have created a  Styleseat account, so if you are interested in booking me for your next event, please do not hesitate to contact me! Click the link below the picture!


Cecilia Marie Online Style Seat Booking

See you soon my little rebels!