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The 30 Club

September is finally here! I thought it would never come! I celebrated my 30th birthday a few days ago, which I spent with my family hanging out at the beach and we had a small cookout. I have been pretty busy at the shop and other freelance gigs that my birthday, I just took it slow. I did get myself these cute Hello Kitty Sunglasses! Arent they adorable?


Here are a few little things I got for presents from my family:


Here is my little cake I had that I am still working on finishing.



I don’t feel any different, I know when I was younger, it seemed like turning 30 is a big milestone, but if anything, I am glad to have hit my thirties. I learned a lot in my 20’s, but its time to move on. I am at this point where I am focusing on raising my kids,and building my business up, I am not one to go out and go to the bars and clubs, and “turn up” and waste my money on foolish things. okay, okay- enough on my soap box.

The salon is starting to pick up more, we got pretty busy right before school started, here are a few pics from this week!


I tested out the galaxy design on my nails which I though came out decent since it was my first time doing it.



I also have been working on my blow outs more with ethnic hair, which I think I am getting better. One thing I have learned is to use this nozzle to help blow the hair out: and I picked it up from my local beauty supply store for $3!


Besides the salon flow, I have had a few facepaint gigs, I managed to take a few snapshots for ya


I drew up this custom butterfly tattoo design for one of my good friends in Florida.


That is about all that has been going on, I know its not a very interesting post, but I just have no energy lately but I would at least want to post something than nothing at all.

I am off to go get my beauty sleep and get ready for the rest of the week. I hope you all have a lovely week and see you in the next post.