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Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Facepaint Tutorial

It is a dream of mine to visit The French Quarter in New Orleans, especially on Mardi Gras. The music, the food, the people, the mystery and lets not forget the history the streets hold. Have you ever wondered why masks are worn for Mardi Gras? They were worn so that anyone, no matter their social status, could put on a mask and everyone was considered equal, whether you were a servant, or someone of higher social ranking and celebrate life and music and culture as one.

The past weekend, I have been laid out in bed due to a cold. I blame it on our really strange fluctuating weather. I have been on anti biotics for a couple days and I am feeling better. I think taking a few days off from life, helped me to recharge and re-energize and so when I woke this morning, I wanted to do a video.

Check out my video tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe and like! If you want to see some other looks, please comment and I will do my best to do another look!

I hope you enjoy this video and I will see you in the next post!

XOXO, Cecilia

Painting Muses

The past couple of weeks have been busy. And I am not complaining! I had some gigs to include a video shoot, a baby shower and a Great Gatsby Party where I got to do some live painting! How cool is that? I love my job and the fun things I get to do!
I love when I go to a gig, and the adults have more fun with the face painting than the kids!
I was invited to work on a mini video project with a local R&B singer which she has an amazing very catchy song! Her voice reminds me of Lumidee, if you know who she is.
Through networking at the baby shower, it led to this Great Gatsby event, where I stood on a mini stage and painted the scenery around me. I decided to focus my painting on the band. The music they played had me energized and was really in my groove. I was so into my zone, that when guests came to talk to me, I was startled! The client kept this cute painting as part of the whole experience, but this event is going to open up more exciting opportunities like this!
I channeled this look for the party because I don’t like to go with the norm. haha
I am working on other projects now, I finally figured out how to keep Jacob occupied when I need to get work done and that is a big bone! So far it’s working! Look how big the pup has gotten! He will be 6 months old on the 13th. He just keeps growing!
I have been organizing my business stuff for tax time. womp womp womp. It is necessary though right?
One of my friends from fashion class has been making cute lil beanies with some very interesting patches on them! I keep telling her to make an online store and a blog!
This was me after this past weekend of helping a friend move into a new house. With this and jazzercise classes with my mom, my body is beat! haha
I am off to work on some more projects after I grab some coffee to wake me up.

The 30 Club

September is finally here! I thought it would never come! I celebrated my 30th birthday a few days ago, which I spent with my family hanging out at the beach and we had a small cookout. I have been pretty busy at the shop and other freelance gigs that my birthday, I just took it slow. I did get myself these cute Hello Kitty Sunglasses! Arent they adorable?


Here are a few little things I got for presents from my family:


Here is my little cake I had that I am still working on finishing.



I don’t feel any different, I know when I was younger, it seemed like turning 30 is a big milestone, but if anything, I am glad to have hit my thirties. I learned a lot in my 20’s, but its time to move on. I am at this point where I am focusing on raising my kids,and building my business up, I am not one to go out and go to the bars and clubs, and “turn up” and waste my money on foolish things. okay, okay- enough on my soap box.

The salon is starting to pick up more, we got pretty busy right before school started, here are a few pics from this week!


I tested out the galaxy design on my nails which I though came out decent since it was my first time doing it.



I also have been working on my blow outs more with ethnic hair, which I think I am getting better. One thing I have learned is to use this nozzle to help blow the hair out: and I picked it up from my local beauty supply store for $3!


Besides the salon flow, I have had a few facepaint gigs, I managed to take a few snapshots for ya


I drew up this custom butterfly tattoo design for one of my good friends in Florida.


That is about all that has been going on, I know its not a very interesting post, but I just have no energy lately but I would at least want to post something than nothing at all.

I am off to go get my beauty sleep and get ready for the rest of the week. I hope you all have a lovely week and see you in the next post.


Face Paint Friday

If you tuned in earlier this week, my blog was down for a few days due to some auto renewal issue with google, but I finally got it all figured out and the blog is back up. I am planning on switching from blogger to Wordpress in the near future or may just keep my blog here and create a new one there. I am still deciding.

So how was everyone’s week? I stayed pretty busy along with hubby and our holiday week we spent working. I had a facepaint gig with Tattoo Skills on 4th of July and got to enjoy the fireworks.


I had painted my face and my arm in the beginning and by the time the night was over, I had rubbed it off or I sweated it off. But I had a good time. I got to use my new Essential Colors Wolfe Palette that I ordered from

For this weeks video, I posted a video on what I keep in my face paint kit. If you are not subscribed, go ahead and click below and subscribe! You will totally make my day!

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Aside from facepainting, I have been in and out of the salon while the owners are getting it ready for our grand opening on July 20th. I have been offering my clients a discount and letting them see where I will be. I love all my clients, they are so sweet and they are the reason I love being a hair stylist.

Check out these lovely before and after photos: (I kept forgetting to take a before photo so that’s why the hair is wet haha)



It is friday, and have tons of drawings to do and cleaning, so I hope you all enjoy your day and weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

xoxox, Cecilia Marie


Face and Body Art Convention

Here is a recent custom tattoo drawing I designed for a friend of mine and her husband. This is a tribute tattoo to a dear friend of theirs and they wanted something that would remind them of him, for he was a simple man that loved to hunt and fish and it was an honor to design this for them.
Here is a progress collage.
I am trying to get all caught up on other commissioned projects before I start working in a salon.
I had to order some new facepaint supplies because I finally used up my old Ben Nye Paint, and could justify getting some new paint! I got an essential palette just to get me through until I can buy the colors individually.
I ordered from Silly Farm, which is one of the top sites to order from and their prices are pretty decent. They have tons of stuff, so if you’re a facepainter, I would definitely recommend checking out this site.
This palette is $30 and standard shipping was only $7. It is not as big as the individual containers, but it states online that you can get at least 100 applications out of them. So, I will give it a try when I get it and do a review if you guys would like. I’m planning on painting some models for the opening of the salon next month and I am excited to show yall. I need to build my kit up again. I have checked out some other face painter kits and they are impressive!
I was checking out Silly Farm, and on the side bar, there was an ad for the Face and Body Art International Convention next year! I seriously want to save up to go to this bad boy! Who wants to take a road trip?
It is not until next year, so I better start saving! hahaha Well, I am off to go work on more projects! See you again soon!
xoxox, Cecilia Marie