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Hampton Roads Art Festival

My husband and I attended the 2nd Annual Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival Expo 2012 this past saturday. It was the first expo either one of us has gone to and we were super excited to go to experience it. We met up with a few friends of mine who are tattoo artists and saw them in action. It was a small convention but it wasnt too bad. The sounds of buzzing tattoo machines hummed in the air everywhere we turned.

I wasnt able to get any tattoo equipment because you have to be licensed here in Virginia :( but I did talk with a friend of mine who tattoos at UBX Tattoo Shop and she introduced me to the owner and Im hoping to get an apprenticeship soon. (Im keeping my fingers crossed) I met with him today and showed some of my artwork, I hope it was enough to want to take me on as an apprentice. ahhhhh we'll see.

I wore this lightening bolt from Xotic Eyes on my shaved head side for fun while going to the expo. Alot of people liked it. Xotic Eyes was asked to be a vendor at the expo, but they decided not to do it. I think alot of people would have liked it.

Here is some pictures, just a few I snapped. There were cars and motorcycles on display. There was a pinstripper there too and many other artists there showing off their art.

My friend throwin down ink.
One of the cool things we did was get our characatures drawn up. But not just any characature, a ZOMBIE CHARACATURE! We heard alot about the hype and we got one drawn up and we were not disappointed. We paid $60 for it ( $30 per person for color drawing) and we love it. What do you think?

I love the artist we had draw us. The lil touches such as the lightening bolt actually bolted down in my head..... priceless. You can check out their website at

The rest of the expo was fun and interesting. There was a Pin Up Girl contest, and wrestling, live bands and a dj keeping the energy going. Ami James from NY INK was there too signing autographs. It was an all around good time for me and Jermie. I hope to go next year too. I am glad that it is finally coming to my neck of tthe woods and I dont have to travel outside of the 7 cities to attend one. hahahaha

I bought some jewelry too from some of the local boutiques too.Ill blog about them in my next post! I just wanted to share some pics I took. Thanks for stoppin by! See you in the next post!

Zombies and ink,

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need."
The Rolling Stones quotes

Tattoo FEVER

My latest tattoo I got last september "Sweet Surrender" which I need to have finished

I love Tattoos. I love drawing them, looking at them, getting them and I hope to oneday to be a tattoo artist. Lately, Tattoos have been on my brain. Ive been watching INKMASTERS on tv and just been getting excited about learning how to tattoo. I dont know how to just yet. I had the chance to do a tattoo apprenticeship a year and a half ago, but I wasnt quite ready plus I needed to work first or at least have a trade (which is why I went to beauty school).

So, now that I have completed cosmetology school and have a full time job and freelancing, I am def getting focused back on Tattoos. I am sooooo itchin to get new ink too. Its been too long since last september since I got my lettering on my chest. I plan on getting more added soon once finances are a lil bit better. hahaha I only have 6 tattoos right now, but I plan on being fully sleeved and side pices and maybe some leg pieces too.

Here are my tats so far..they seem so random and I guess they are, but thats how it is.

My nautical stars symbolizes "coming home" one red and one blue for my Two children
My falling stars and "strength" tattoos
My mermaid tattoo, I want to get this one redone..covered but I want a better mermaid
Today during lunch, I went to Barnes and Nobles for a starbucks (which I had their marble mocha macchiato, which was yummy) and a bagel with cream cheese and picked up my 2 favorite tattoo magazines. I havent had a chance to read them just yet since I am catching up on Project Runway and Walking Dead episodes....hahaha but I wanted to share what I am reading to my readers!

I love this magazine. I love the way the photography is presented and their articles are well written. Just love it. I read them over and over all the time. You should pick up a copy! You wont be disappointed!

I like Rebel Ink too because they show fellow tattoo artists and I love reading how each of them started and seeing their craft. Its very inspirational.

In just a couple weeks, I will be attending my first Tattoo expo in Hampton Va. I had planned on going to one last year in Richmond, but a body painting job came up and opted to get my paint on instead. I am hoping to have fun and maybe look into buying some equipment. I cant wait to see the car show, the people and just everything!

If you are in the area, you should def come and check it out! Ill be there and of course Ill be taking pics and possibly Ill do a vlog on it! So keep your eyes open!

Thanks for stopping by! Itching for ink, Cecilia Marie