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SONday, a glorious day

I redid my hair with Turqouis and Purple...You really cant see it though . Just wanted to share!
While my daughter was celebrating her birthday with her father, my son and I, Matthias got a rare chance for mom and son time yesterday. Saturday night, him and his step dad, (my hubby) Jermie had a "guys night" and stayed up watching movies and playing around with the countless Nerf guns scattered around the house. We were stuffed Saturday night from eating Icecream Cake. I finally got time to upload the photos so you could see.

 I was supposed to have a few clients yesterday to do a quick trim and a color application ( she wanted a deep fuscia pink) but both ladies cancelled...which usually happens on rainy days.

Matthias and I took the time and went out together. I Met up with a friend I went to school with to catch up and she had some fabric she saved for me. I have been wanting to check out a different antique store in my area and wanted to see if Matti would enjoy it. I invited my friend, Jackie to roll with us after she finished up a photoshoot.

Matthias, I think was more excited about all the antiques than I was. He found really cool old tin cars and toy trains and old sewing machines since he knows I love to sew.

Jackie found this painting and this girl looks like Arabella!
I love Chaise Lounges!
I love this hat and the color of it!

I love these statues. Remind me of my hubby and I. Awwwwwww...thinking about getting them if they are still there for Valentines Day.
We found a cat toy and the cat came out to investigate. This siamese cat was preggos....she was cautious of everyone but she liked me....she could sense I am a cat person. :)
I want this! The owner of the antiques was there finally, I have wanted this for over a year! And she said it was not for sale this whole time.But she mentioned she may be going out of business. So I left my info. I want it soooooooooo bad. This is a JCP size 10 industrial dress form from the Garment District in California. She bought it for $250, So I am hoping She contacts me soon.

I am in love with this mini collection above. These are Mystic Topaz. See the ring in the center? I want this ring as a wedding ring. My husband and I now, we have been married for almost a year and a half and we have rings now (spinner silver rings) but I want this. I love all the colors that are hidden inside. It is an enigma and reminds me of colors of the stars and universe. (enter geek moment) I would love this whole day.

I didntget anything on this trip "Antiquing", but Matthias found a toy and I gave in. I am glad he had such a good time. I want to have these fun memories with him while he is young before he grows up and doesnt wanna be around mom. hahaha

I hope you enjoyed our trip :) Do any of you like to go to Antique Stores? What treasures do you find?