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The Secret to Thrift Stores

I do have a slight shopping addiction. But in my defense, I am still a bargain shopper and most of my shopping is at thrift shops or at least in the clearance section of stores like TJ MAXX. I just cant help myself. I mean, I could if I just stayed home, but where’s the fun in that??? I made a quick video that I am uploading now. So, check it out below!

I stopped by the Antique center, and I saw a lot of great pieces that served as motivation for what I want in my future home.


I am really into Big Armoires lately. I would love to get a big one like this above, and turn it into something like this:


I saw this old Coca Cola cooler fridgerator and I just thought it would be cool if that was my fridge instead of a normal one. Because to me, certain forms of normal is boring.


Look at this cute kitchen!!!


One day…I will have my crazy house with all my crazy stuff. But until then..I will keep dreaming.

I have been talking about extensions on and off here for the past few weeks. I visited Lah yesterday and she did my fusion extensions! I ordered hair online, and I am testing out different types of hair so that I can start offering my clients this service.

This was before I got them in, I just held it up to see how they would look.


Here is me and Lah hanging out! We look like we just woke up! hahaha


I got a chance to really style it today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair! What do you guys think?


I just wanted to share my new locks with my lovely readers! I made a video on extensions that I still need to edit, so be on the lookout! And if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel, make sure you do! (Link is on the side)

Have a great day and see you in the next post!


Antique and Thrift Stores

I love finding treasures. The past couple of years, I took an interest in finding cool stuff in antique and thrift stores. Yesterday was a lil rainy and cloudy, so the kiddos and I went to the Antique store. Matthias and I went a while back, it was his first time going and he absolutely loved it. He was excited on the way there. Arabella on the other hand never been before and mysteriously "didnt feel good" as soon as we got there.

I loved this 1950's vintage dress with this hat. I wanted to get it so bad, but we were only looking today.

I fell in love with this lavender living room set. hahahaha There was alot more stuff this time around than before especially furniture. I was also surprised how crowded it was, normally its so quiet and usually barely any kids are there.

Matti ran into the camera as I was admiring the table behind him

I have had my eye on this for a long time and she wont sell it...its for "display only" I HATE THIS!!!!!!

Matthias thought this was sooo cool. Do you remember these? I used to have a red one!
Vintage sewing kit I found

Look at this adorable kids chaise lounge!!!!!

Humungo Pirate ship!!!!
Old Schooldesk, it matched his Captain America Shield

For some weird reason I love this white and blue chair and the painting on the wall.
The kiddos went to their sisters birthday party, and I got an oil change and then cruised over to a few thrift store. I found a few things.

Photobucket I love the star print shirt and the glittery striped shirt. The patterns are for Bella so I can teach her how to sew. She is so excited for me to teach her. I found this super hero picture frame for Matthias and then these two angel wall decorations that I plan on repainting here soon. Maybe a DIY project.

What kind of treaures do you find when you go to antique and thrift stores? Anything awesome, weird or cool?

SONday, a glorious day

I redid my hair with Turqouis and Purple...You really cant see it though . Just wanted to share!
While my daughter was celebrating her birthday with her father, my son and I, Matthias got a rare chance for mom and son time yesterday. Saturday night, him and his step dad, (my hubby) Jermie had a "guys night" and stayed up watching movies and playing around with the countless Nerf guns scattered around the house. We were stuffed Saturday night from eating Icecream Cake. I finally got time to upload the photos so you could see.

 I was supposed to have a few clients yesterday to do a quick trim and a color application ( she wanted a deep fuscia pink) but both ladies cancelled...which usually happens on rainy days.

Matthias and I took the time and went out together. I Met up with a friend I went to school with to catch up and she had some fabric she saved for me. I have been wanting to check out a different antique store in my area and wanted to see if Matti would enjoy it. I invited my friend, Jackie to roll with us after she finished up a photoshoot.

Matthias, I think was more excited about all the antiques than I was. He found really cool old tin cars and toy trains and old sewing machines since he knows I love to sew.

Jackie found this painting and this girl looks like Arabella!
I love Chaise Lounges!
I love this hat and the color of it!

I love these statues. Remind me of my hubby and I. Awwwwwww...thinking about getting them if they are still there for Valentines Day.
We found a cat toy and the cat came out to investigate. This siamese cat was preggos....she was cautious of everyone but she liked me....she could sense I am a cat person. :)
I want this! The owner of the antiques was there finally, I have wanted this for over a year! And she said it was not for sale this whole time.But she mentioned she may be going out of business. So I left my info. I want it soooooooooo bad. This is a JCP size 10 industrial dress form from the Garment District in California. She bought it for $250, So I am hoping She contacts me soon.

I am in love with this mini collection above. These are Mystic Topaz. See the ring in the center? I want this ring as a wedding ring. My husband and I now, we have been married for almost a year and a half and we have rings now (spinner silver rings) but I want this. I love all the colors that are hidden inside. It is an enigma and reminds me of colors of the stars and universe. (enter geek moment) I would love this whole day.

I didntget anything on this trip "Antiquing", but Matthias found a toy and I gave in. I am glad he had such a good time. I want to have these fun memories with him while he is young before he grows up and doesnt wanna be around mom. hahaha

I hope you enjoyed our trip :) Do any of you like to go to Antique Stores? What treasures do you find?