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Insanity Again

A few months back, well, I cant remember when, I got a copy of the INSANITY workout from my mom when she got back from Korea and I wanted to try it out since I heard so much success with it. I kept up with it for about a week, then lost interest. I am done making excuses! The discs have been sitting on my shelf so I dusted them off, put my work out clothes on and started the first cd.



I didn’t have the workout schedule so I did find it online so that I could keep better track of my work outs and I am not just doing random workouts. (if you need it too, click the link highlighted in pink! )


I just did the first workout and I had to go to my own pace..but I kept up with it. I cant overwork myself straight out, gotta build up to it. I have been watching my diet as well, which is hard because I am a junk food addict!

I found a menu from a fellow blogger that I want to try out. I will eventually make my own

6-10-12 meal plan

I will definitely make some adjustments!  This inspires me to make my own menu.


This is a good idea to pack up my lunches and fruit snacks.

Ill post my progress as I go- maybe this will inspire you to do the same!




See ya soon in the next post!

Xoxo Cecilia Marie