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Neptune Festival

A few days ago, my friend and I went to the Neptune Festival here at Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Neptune Festival is one of my favorite events of the year. There is so much going on for it such as Sand Castle building competitions, surfing competitions, rides and fun things for kids to do and wine tasting, and then the arts and crafts show which is the main reason I like to go.

I was mainly looking for one particular vendor that came last year and he made these beautiful statues and figurines made of plaster, so they were super cheap and easy to paint. I ended up buying a mermaid and painted it these awesome colors. I love this mermaid sooooo much, so I was looking forward to possibly buying more from him so I could paint them and maybe create an ETSY shop selling them. But he wasnt there. I was sooo sad. I did manage to get a card from him but of course I left it in my pants and it got washed in the washer. aaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!

But check out these other cool vendors that I love!

I want to buy these for my boutique salon!

I think this is a cow hat/scarf

This is a vanity made out of antique wood

I love this with Frakenstein on it!

This is such a beautful piece!

this mermaid is sooo pretty!

We walked up and down the boardwalk and no luck. I was searching also for just a plain burger and fries and I finally found a food vendor that had it. hahahaha I am such a picky eater sometimes.

There was this really cool tent that had all these hats and scarves and sweaters made of I wanna say wool or something but they were handmade and sooooo adorable. I really wanted this tiger one! They were so warm and thick and soft. Many other people had bought them because it was a chilly day on Sunday, me and Jackie even had our scarves on.

I did end up buying this really awesome earring and yes I only bought one. The pair was $29.99 but I only had a lil cash just so I wouldnt spend everything, so I bought one for $14.99. It is 100% Sterling Silver and I dont know what it is about this piece and the face and how it is broken, but I fell in love with it and now it never leaves my ear, except to sleep and shower hahahaha

What was your favorite thing you saw? I think my favorite is the tiger scarf lol its just too cute!

Thanks for stopping by my lovies!!!

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Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Where did you get that Ring???

I have had tons of requests asking me where I got my ring. A lil while ago my great Aunt Lucy tricked me and my mom into attending a party and it ended up being one of these jewelry parties. Usually I dont like anything that these consultants try to see me and usually the jewelry is expensive and doesnt last long. I was surprised to find out that although this jewelry is a lil pricey, They have a lifetime guaranty, that if their jewelry breaks or chips, you can send it back and they will send you a replacement and if it is out of stock or no longer available they will give you credit or give you your money back. I instanly fell in love with this ring and so did my grandmother. lol. I guess her and I have the same style. lol I wear it with everything, even in sweatpants and sneakers I still wear it and it makes my hand really pretty. :)

You can check out their jewelry at the link above. Hope you enjoy and If you want to order something, I know a consultant! lol

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