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I started a new youtube channel to match up with my blog and I got a chance to actually film it this past weekend. I finished editing it last night. I gave a sneak peek yesterday, but now, here is the full video!

Since I work for Xotic Eyes, I wanted to showcase this product because I just love it! Its fun to wear when I go out to fun events and it stays on for hours! No touch ups needed. This kit is $34.99. It includes the eye art for the top and bottom, glitter goo to match, false lashes and eyelash glue. 

My younger brother Lucas and I walking to 7-11

mmmmmmmm Coca Cola
I plan on getting a new product each week and making a video in addition to my regular videos I plan on filming. What do you think? Let me know!

Enjoy watching, dont forget to keep watching for Bloopers! Subscribe to my channel at
 Sweet Surrender Arts dont worry, it's free!

Chillin Like A Villain,


Jermie is off at the Tech N9ne Concert and I have been home for hours since after work. I have been watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix as I am editing a new video for my new youtube channel I created to match up with my blog. I am still designing and setting up everything, but I should have everything up and ready to go tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am filming about. Can you guess what it is?

I have had so much energy up until this very moment. Its like right at midnight, my brain is ready to shut off. But then, I get a second wind and start thinking about other things and it starts all over again.

I am about to do my "wednesday" workout from the workout I found on Pintrest that I posted on yesterday. My video is saving and it takes forever. ok, I feel like I am starting to not make sense. Time to put on some music, do my work out and go crash onto my zebra printed blanket my mom got me from Korea that is OOOOOHHHHH SOOOOOO soft and plush, I just melt into the covers..oh man....getting sleepy....NO! MUST WORK OUT....

I know it seems weird that I work out this late, but I am like a nocturnal animal. I operate best at night! My body and mind doesnt get tired so working out helps me sleep better. :)

off to do wednesday's workout,