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Part of the Team

Earlier this week, I mentioned having a few meetings set up. But before I get to that, I have to get this off my chest. Remember that job I told you about that I got? Well, I must confess, I didn’t take the job. After thinking about it and seeing how my first training day is on the calls/sales floor, I knew right away that I wouldn’t be happy. I know that I need to think about the kids, but if I’m not happy at least a smidgeon, then I am gonna hate it. That is my confession. Do you forgive me? I hope so. Hubby did. haha But I am still looking for employment. Anyways, moving on!
I had a meeting with Roger Mitchell's Motiontography, well one of the photographers, Lance to go over a few things about working with them doing makeup and hair styling, or whatever the many things I do in the art world that they may need. I Love their work! Here are a few of their latest photos.
To see their facebook page, you can click on any of their images and it should open up a new page for you! Or you can visit their website at
I’m looking forward to some fun shoots in the future. The best part also is that their studio is not too far away from where we live and that makes it easier since gas costs so much these days! It will be real nice when our light rail system will be put into action!
I have more exciting news for you tomorrow, so make sure to tune back in! (Subscribe! Its easier! See the side link to “followers” or “subscribe!)
As always, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate each and every one of you who have been with me for a while or if your new to my site! See you soon in the next post! xoxox Cecilia

One photoshoot down

This past thursday, I packed all my kits (makeup, hair, and airbrush kits) and made my way to do my first model's hair and makeup for Photoshoot #1.  We set up at her house in her backyard since the humidity decided to play nice and not be all hot and gross....we had about 2 hours to do both hair and makeup. I started out doing an "invisible" roller set...hehehehe which is just taking the hair and basically putting it into a pincurl and clipping it, spraying with hairspray and letting it set. The first run through, the makeup did not show up at all as vibrant as I had wanted it to:

first run through without airbrush makeup base

with airbrush makeup! Such a difference! The color is more vibrant which is what I was looking for!

applying lip liner to my model
We had so much fun doing this look! The photographer is so amazing! She shoots in her Studio Loft! The atmosphere was great, she had music playing and we were a great team! We have two more shoots to do inthe next two weeks and I am excited. The shots so far turned out amazing!

Here is a video of Charisse ( Belladonna Reese Photography) doing a photoshoot/video for a local company called JSNL. Step Your Game Up!

You can check out her Facebook here  for more of her work and if your in the local 757 area and need an amazing photographer, look her up!

touching up her makeup :)

So, I hope you enjoyed a lil behind the scenes action for the first photoshoot!

I hope it has inspired you today!

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