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Pin Up Birthday Theme

i am usually not into celebrating my birthday, but over the years, I have built a fonder appreciation for life due to the events I have been through the past few years, so I feel the need to celebrate not just my birthday, but my life and all the people in it.

I wanna have a birthday party with the theme of Pinup for the girls, guys can be greasers of rockers if they wanna. But I just really wanna dress up in pinup style. Lately when I do my makeup, I always do the classic pinup. In a way, I also want to celebrate my grandmother and my greatgrandmother whom have lived during the 50's and I have always had an obssession with it.

I wish that I could actually have a theme party and everything and go all out, but instead, will have it at a bar that a few of my friends work at down at the oceanfront. It will be fun and interesting, so we will see.

Here are a few pics I found of Pin Up Models that I liked:

Hope it inspires you!

I would post quote of the day, but I am fallin alseep at the keyboard. So, next time, I promise!

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