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Monday Morning Makeup Kit

Good morning all! It’s Monday and if you’re like me, you’re already nursing a cup a coffee and trying to wake up and get motivated. I have my “Ellie Goulding” pandora station going to get me moving, and I’ve already gone through my emails and made my contacts for today for later gigs this week I have going on. I have a few errands today including a visit to the VA Hospital for check ups, lunch with a friend, a face paint workshop this afternoon I will be teaching. Then, last but not least, I am stocking my makeup kit this week on some things I am low on.

I wanted to share some makeup essentials that are on my wish list or that I already have. Just in case any fellow makeup artists out there are reading, I will provide links (when you click on the image, it should take you to wear you can purchase items!)

Stage Make Up



Portable Makeup Station



Kryolan Ultra Cream Foundations


Kryolan Make Up Case


Ben Nye Setting and Face Powders


Ben Nye Foundation Pallete ( I am ordering this one!)


Isn’t this necklace really cute?! I need to get this!


Ben Nye Concealer Wheel


Bobbi Brown Face Pallete



ZUCA Pro Makeup Bag Set


A lot of my makeup I have posted here, if you haven’t noticed is Ben Nye and Kryolan. If you have never heard of these brands, they are mainly used for stage makeup or even movie production makeup. You see these brands behind the scenes and even at the IMATS. (International MakeUp Trade Show)

I use Ben Nye for my body painting, but I want to branch out and start using their cosmetics as well. Their foundations and powders really help on photoshoots helping to keep your model looking fresh and not oily and sweaty as their foundations, powders and sealers help to keep it sweatproof and long lasting. I am ordering a bunch of stuff this week and next, so I will be sure to give reviews if yall want that sort of thing.


Here are a few images of their catalog from the Ben Nye Website


This is a pic of Priscilla Ono, who is an amazing MUA! This is her latest obsession color above! She pulls it off really well!


And some exciting news out there for Hair Stylists that use Paul Mitchell Products, they finally made a Dry Shampoo Spray! So, keep your eyes open for this one! I haven’t bought it yet, but I will be because I am a huge fan of dry shampoo!


I’s thinking of doing something like this (color wise) to my hair. What do you think?

Well, I need to get into the shower and get ready for the day! Thanks for waking up with me this morning!

Don’t forget to smile today! You never know whose day you will brighten!

xoxox, Cecilia

At the end of the day you will not remember the person with the most beautiful face but you will remember the person with the most beautiful heart and soul.

Steam Trunks

I have always felt like I came from a different era, like I had a past life sometime in the early 1900's with my obssession with Art Nouveuo and the turn of the century fashion. One thing that I have obssessed over are steam trunks. They have many names like wardrobe trunks, steamer trunks, traveling trunks, and more. Here are some I found that are just so beautiful, you really dont see these type of trunks in circulation anymore., unless youre a movie star!

Black & Pink trunk. This is my favorite one!

This one is very unique and I love the Flag design! I can picture me putting all sorts of stickers of places I have traveled to on the outside of the trunk!

Look how many compartments there are in this one!

This is an entertainment trunk! I doubt this one is for traveling, more like for a small apartment!

I love the details of this trunk, looks very tropical

Pink!!! Can never go wrong with a pink trunk!

I like this one, I want to get this and use for my makeup case. It can fit so much more than your typical makeup case, and you can even put a small stook in there too for your guest to sit down while applying makeup!

I love the design on the outside of this trunk
These trunks can be used for so many things, not just clothing, but like I mentioned makeup, any artist can use to travel with all their paints, I could put my airbrush equipment in there. Any fashion merchadiser could use this to travel with and put in pieces that they purchase. Can you see the many possibilities of a trunk? And when your not using it for travel or display, it could double as a coffee table! :)

I hope this inspires you like it inspires me!

Quote of the day:

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Cosmetic Case

For weeks, I have been searching for a cosmetic makeup case, looking for the right one that fits "me", for my personality. Of course, I like to think bigger and go for the biggest and best case I can get such as:

But considering I dont have all my makeup and supplies yet to put in here, I would be kinda wasting space and money for now. So, I have to remind myself to start out small and build up from there. This is my ultimate goal once I am finished with Cosmetology school and I become a free lance stylist.

I was thinking about going more vintage and retro with the old hat box train cases, here is a few of my favs from ebay:

I found many more that I loved, but these were just a few. I have to keep in mind I only have some makeup, not a complete set, so its okay that I get something small and within my budget. I was going to get this one:

zebra print case

This one was only $30 with $6 shipping, not bad at all, but I went cheaper and got this:

This one is so cute and tiny, but big enough to hold the lil cosmetics I have. The link is above the picture, the seller has plenty of them. I think Its the perfect size for what I have, and its a silver aluminium case, which matches my paul micthell case, and it is black inside and there is even lil stars in the details of the outside, which was a sign for me to get it because I am obsessed with stars. Even my husband said to bid on it because it just fits me. Oh and the best part I love about this, besides fast shipping ( which will be in a few days) is that these come with a lock/key! So, I can protect my goodies inside!

Once I get it, I will post a video and do a review on it!!! Thanks for reading and stopping by! Goodnight!

Do what you love and the money will follow.