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Super Service Day II

Rudy & Kelly Academy Paul Mitchell hosted its second Super Service Day this past Tuesday.  I have posted about this before, so for those who do not know what it is, Super Service Day is where the whole school takes on a salon atmosphere and the future professionals get a chance to be booked all day with back to back clients. Last SSD was in September or right before September, and I had booked 5 clients and also had 2 walk ins. I had sold the most takehome products for the day and won a set of Paul Mitchell Cutting Shears. (Which is AWESOME, because those babies are expensive!)

This was a photo taken after Super Service Day in September, I had received flowers for my birthday and stuck the fallen petals in my hair. hahahaha

We are all broken down into teams, andonce again I was on the GREEN TEAM. I had prebooked 7 clients and with my friend Hailey's help she assisted in blow drying and sectioning, shampooing. I had to pass off a haircut to her because I did not have time to cut a clients hair. I had two other assistants Josh and Ashley that helped to blowdry and style out my cousin, Jessica. See below

I did about 3 or 4  all over color applications, a Keratin Conditioning treatment, a manicure, blowdry and style. Almost every guest of mine bought products and this morning, they announced that I won for having the most services performed for SSD! Hailey also won for most take home products sold! And we are both on the green team.

Everyone that had a guest that day was able to pick two items out of a big cart full of goodies, and I grabbed some clips ( because you can never have enough) and Modern Elixers Foam, I also won a Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry V2 Dryer, and The Style for a Cause Stylist Pink Pack. I took a quick pic below

I had alot of fun doing the SSD especially since I graduate next week. I just wanted to share this with you on one of the many fun things I do at school!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Green Team

Yesterday was sooooo HECTIC! Super Service Day was so busy! I was disappointed that I didnt take any pictures. I was so busy all day, I barely had time to even eat! I had 7 guests total, which is ALOT! I promised the first 5 guests that booked with me would get a surprise. I had painted 5 small canvases and gave them to each of my guests. Check them out:

Lightening Bolt!

A Sunset

Water Lily Flowers

A pretty Vibrant Eye

Anchors Away!

I did a color service, 3 conditioning treatments, and 4 haircuts! Which doesnt seem like alot now that I am writing it, but it seemed like all I was doing was going into the washhouse. It was alot of fun! All the teams were dressed in our proud colors! I was GREEN Team baby! We had our rows all decorated and there was music playing, juice and snacks available. Every hour or so, discounts were given on Paul Mitchell Products.

There were mini competitions too, such as who sold the most products, who had the highest ticket sales, which team had the most services and so on.

I am proud to announce that I sold the most products for the first half of the day! I won two pairs of cutting shears! (which are not cheap!) It was an awesome feeling of acomplishment! Another classmate of mine won shears too for having the largest priced ticket!

Other teams won throughout the day, but I am sorry to say that I was busy, I didnt get to find out what and congratulate everyone! I will say one thing though, I need to get some insoles for my shoes, because I dont know how hair stylists can stay on their feet all day. I came home and could barely walk!

We had a big POW WOW and the GREEN Team won for most take home products and most services done yesterday! We won a pizza party for next week! yay oh yay! I love me some pizza!

I came home yesterday and waiting for me on my bed was a box. I opened it to find a beautiful bouquet of purple orchids sent from 1-800-Flowers. My mom sent them from Korea for my birthday tomorrow. They are so vibrant and smell so good. I have never received an orchid before, so I love them even more!

It is nice to receive flowers especially from my mom. I miss her being all the way in Korea. Without my mom, I wouldnt be here. So- Mom, if you are reading this- I love you so much. Thank you for all that you have taught me and given to me. I cant wait until you are home again!

The flowers that fell I put them in my hair! Which goes nicely with the green I wore for school!

Look how bright the colors are!!!! I love it!

That was my busy busy day yesterday! Alot happened today as well, and tomorrow is going to be amazing! My birthday is tomorrow!!!! so, I may not post tomorrow but I will on friday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Quote of the day:

When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic.

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

It's Monday?

Here was my makeup/look for today! NUDE LIP- I LOVES!!!!

I just got done making surprises for my first 5 guests for an event we are doing at school tomorrow! I dont remember if I blogged about it, but Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell partner school is having what is called a Super Service Day. They wanted to make the school a more realistic salon setting. Usually we only get one guest per day, but not tomorrow. We get to pretend like we actually work in a salon, where we are double booked and have clients ALL day, which is something that most of us have not experienced yet.

They divided us up into teams based on the colors of our product lines. I am on the GREEN Team(which green is for our SUPER SKINNY LINE). Each of us is in charge of our own schedule and whoever gets at least 5 guests booked will be able to have their own station to set up. I know that doesnt sound that much, but with over 100 students, not all of us can use a station, we end up sharing half the time. LOL.

I booked 6 people, which are all my family or friends that volunteered to help me out. We are having all sorts of competitions tomorrow like who has sold the most product, who has the most guest, and who made the most (if we actually got paid for the service we are performing, because we dont normally-because were still students)

I am excited because I want to feel the salon experience. I know it wont be how some salons are, but it will give me a rough idea. I went and got the decorations to decorate our row for the GREEN TEAM. Party City had all sorts of cool stuff. I got balloons, glowsticks, bubbles, beads, I dont even know what else- if it was GREEN I grabbed it. LOL!

I met up with one of my models to sign some paperwork at Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble-favorite place to chill and get some work done! of course I ordered my drank (cinnamon dulce frapp) YUM!!!! I gave her a lil gift basket I made all my models: (have I ever posted them???) Well, I will post again!

I just picked up lil things that were cool and funky like POP ROCKS, candy ciggs, nail polish, lil puzzle erasers and just things to make someone smile.
I went and looked around for some ideas on dresses to wear for my birthday party coming up. I am gonna write that and post tomorrow! I found some really cute dresses and also some other cool fashion finds!

This is my GROWL face! Grrrrrrr! "SHOW ME YOUR TEETH"

My Vampire Red is starting to fade into The Great Pumpkin color hair. hahaha Remember the great pumpkin from CHarlie Brown?????
I came home and took a few silly snapshots above! hahaha Yes, I am a dork. I know!

I hope you were inspired today to surrender to your inner artist, or inner geek, or inner whatever you are!

Quote of the Day:

"I shut my eyes in order to see"

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.