Marionette/Lolita Doll Face

It was dress up day today, so everyone came in wearing cute, creepy, funny, sweet or crazy costumes. The weather turned very chilly today with cold wind and some ice rain, I thought it was going to snow. I just found out that parts in NYC got some snow too. CRAZY!!!

I decided to dress up as a Marionette/ Lolita Doll. The best part of this look was the eyelashes! I love how it makes my eyes bigger and doll like. I wanted to do more to this look, but just didnt have the time. I will have to do a photo shoot and elaborate on all the details.

This is my friend Jinaki who dressed like a guy! hahahah

There were lots of other awesome looks: check out these photos:

Today went by super fast and now I am at home, lounged out in my bed- it is so cold outside- so I have my fluffy socks on, sweatpants and a comfy sweater and my laptop to keep me warm. hahahaha

My hubby is out with my brother doing the Zombie Run in Ghent Norfolk so I am getting some relax time :)

What do you like to do when you are home on a cold night? Watch movies? Make hot cocoa? Leave a comment, would love to hear about you! Dont forget to Join or Follow my blog for more updates!

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