For Us and For You

Following my earlier post of "Graduating Already", I felt that a video with pictures is just not enough.

Since I am the geek who loves to make videos, I went around and got a few words of the girls I started school with.  These girls, who I barely knew sitting next to in a classroom, are now among those I call "family". 

Ms. Christina- we were her first CORE class

We have laughed together, cried together and even though we may not get along all the time, and we get on each others nerves, we have each others back no matter what.

I wish I could post ALL the pictures I have because all these pictures hold memories. People make fun of me because I am always taking pictures. The reason I do, is because I regret not having pictures during the times I would have liked to remember. Life is too short, so I take pictures to remember it all.

So many doors are already being opened not only for me, but for anyone who wants to take that risk and go for their dreams.  So this is for all of you, from us. Good luck to you

Surrender to Your Inner Artist