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Jeans and IVY

I signed up for a Model Mayhem account not too long ago to advertize that I am a makeup artist in the local area. If you dont know what Model Mayhem is, it is a networking website where models, artists, photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists can post about who they are and show some professional images.  You can check it out Here.

Model Melony Sot and I candid shot of me fixing hair....I feel so awkward in front of the camera. hahaha

I recommend if you are just starting out and looking to build up your portfolio and jump into doing photoshoots and get some experience, get up to speed and create a profile. Do be careful, just make sure that you have clear communication among everyone you decide to work with. I do get some random spam to my email from so called companies wanting me to go to some place out of state and all my expenses would be paid for. That is just very suspicious to me. So be careful!

So glad this was fake ivy, otherwise I would have been itching like red ants were crawling all over me hahaha

But on the flip side, I have already met quite a few awesome photographers and models from this site. I have had nothing but awesome times and I have walked away with not only experience, awesome shots, but a new friendship and loads of inspiration.  Energy just sparks off in every direction!

So, this is what I did for the first past of my day. Model Melony contacted me off of MM ( Model Mayhem) wanting to hire me as a makeup artist for some upcoming shoots. We met up last week to do a run through of how she would like her makeup. There were two looks for this shoot: half nude with Jeans and Poison Ivy.

These images have not been edited, but I love the way they look. I love how the makeup looked. Oh and I used the new Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow as well. :) They really are awesome. I will have to do a full review on them. :)

These were just a few of my favorite shots.  I had alot of fun shooting with Melony and the photographers, Matt and Stephen. I will be doing her makeup again for another underwater photoshoot of course with Dana Chapman. I will post those images too, but its not until later this week.

 If you would like to see more of Melony and her modeling portfolio, you can check her out at Model Mayhem, # 2221098 Model Mayhem Melony Sot

As for the photographer, I only have one photographers info, but I am sure the other one, Stephen will email me soon and I will share his info when I get it for those of you who are in the local Hampton Roads area.

NRJ Photography can be found on MM as well, #292065 Model Mayhem NRJ Photography

I had a great time doing this shoot. It will not be the last time I work with these amazing people!

The rest of my day went by pretty fast as I had errands to run afterwards with the kiddos (moms never rest! ), I also was able to squeeze in a client this evening for a hair color application, a quick trim and blowdry and took the christmas tree down.....I know I know......finally! hahahahah I hope I wasnt the only one who has been procrastinating on taking decorations down.

I hope you enjoyed spending this virtual day with me! :) See you soon in the next post! Thanks for stopping by!

Underwater Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, at a meet and greet, I met a local photographer Dana Chapman and just last week, I was able to do some makeup for him during one of his Underwater Photoshoots with a model by the name of Nicole Lousie Roesh.  I was so excited to work on this photoshoot, I have never seen anything like it and I just fell in love with this type of photography. It is truly unique.

Oh and BTW, I only did the makeup for Nicole- not the other models!
I encourage you to explore his portfolio, I have included links to all his pages as well. He is in the local Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area and if you are interested in doing this type of photography, contact him! And if you need a MUA (Makeup Artist) who specializes in Underwater photography, you know where to find one :)

Model Nicole Lousie Roesh
Model Nicole Lousie Roesh
Model Nicole Louise Roesh
Here are a few other photos of Dana's Work that I thought were pretty amazing and they are my favs!

Model Tara Lynn
Model Tara Lynn

Where you can find Dana Chapman:

Photographer Dana Chapman


Some of the models you can click on their names and should take you to their FB pages!  

Nicole Lousie Roesh:

I hope this inspired you to think outside the box with your next photoshoot! I am actually going to be doing another photoshoot next week for Xotic Eyes with Dana doing another photoshoot, So be on the lookout! Thanks for stopping by!  

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

VAIN Wedding

My learning leader, Sammi Jo- otherwise known as Samantha Vain, married her love on October 1st, 2011. I asked her permission before writing about it, and I finally remembered to ask her to make sure it was ok.

I really look up to her in many ways not only for inspiration, motivation but as an amazing person. She is younger than me, and I cant say she reminds me of a sister I never had, but I just feel like I look up to her and I value what she teaches me throughout my cosmetology career. In a way, I look up to her as a mentor.

Let me just say, Samantha Vain is no ordinary woman, she changes her look everyday and her makeup is amazing. So, when it came for her beach wedding, it was be ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY.

I managed to get a few pictures online and I wanted to share them with my readers in hopes that you get inspired by it as I have.

I was online looking up more info on her and came across this cute article about them, you can see it here.

Samantha Vain is not only an instructor at Paul Mitchell Academy, she is also a makeup artist, a photographer and a model. You can find her at MODEL MAHEM !!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful Avant Grade Fall Beach Wedding!

Thank you for stopping by and please join Sweet Surrender for more on art, beauty, fashion and much more!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist