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Why, 7 is my Lucky Number

I decided what else better to do while stuck in the house waiting out a Hurricane than to enter a contest! I had alot of fun recreating this look and I hope you like it too! Please go and vote for me or should I say "Feed My EGO" for this NARS Contest! If you enter it too, I will go and vote for you!!!

Here is LOOK 7

And here is my recreation in various shots, but the first one is the one I entered!

This one I was standing outside the door looking out into the wind and rain from Hurricane Irene

I just uploaded it to the NARS website, you can go here and vote for me to win!

Thanks guys for all your support and for visiting my blog!

Quote of the day:

Every one of us is going to be a special person to someone we meet in our lives. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to grow up and find your Mr. or Mrs. right at the perfect age of 25. It may mean that by following your dreams or goals that you set up for yourself in life that you inspire a nation to do the same. It may mean that as a single father or mother, the most important subject(s) of your life your children will look at you as a superhero. It may mean that your ideas or inventions help the world from generations to come with the survival of those who inhabit it.

We may never truly know how much of an effect that we have had on this world to this day, but you should know that you are definitely important to the people around you, or else they wouldn't be around you. Even if we fail to realize it, as members of society we all are important to our society, and that if we choose to work hard and fight for what we know is right, we will be even more important to it!

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