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So many shoots so little time

I knew that when I was in Beauty school, I didnt want to go work in a salon. Its just not for me. Dont get me wrong, I love doing hair and makeup, but I love doing hair and makeup for photoshoots. Something about capturing a look, an emotion, a feeling, it truly is a pice of art to me. Capturing that moment in time, immortalizing it and then sharing it for the world to see.

quick shot at a photoshoot-taking advantage of the awesome lighting. :)
I always knew that I wanted to work on photoshoots. What I didnt know is that my wishes would be granted. I started work almost immediatly after graduating from Paul Mitchell, and I have been doing photoshoots almost everyday at work and outside of work.

Aaron Nijai and Model wearing dress I made! Sorry for quality- I took this with my phone.

This didnt just happen, being able to work on photoshoots wasnt just handed to me. I really had to put myself out there. I was nervous about that for the longest time, scared that my work wasnt good enough for that. It wasnt until I started doign fashion shows at school and just experimenting on makeup on myself and others did I finally grow the confidence to take that step outside my comfort zone.

Myself with fellow Makeup Artist/Hairstylist Jinaki Love
I had to network and go out and meet others that are trying to do the same thing. You connect with photographers, models, designers, stylists and makeup artist. Everyone has their own style and everyone works a different way. You have to bring something new and fresh to the table.

These photos above are from tonight. The Nijai Photography Team that I am a part of did a special today for models seeking headshots. The special is you get hair, makeup and headshots for $40 to help towards adding them to a portfolio. It was our first one as a group and I think it was pretty successful. We will be scheduling another one soon and will eventually be doing themed photoshoots. I am really excited about it.

Here are a few other shots from this past week of some of the shoots from work. Enjoy!

Ice Princess: New from Xotic Eyes for Childrens Line

Kitty Design, New from Xotic Eyes for Childrens line.