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Counting down the days

Christmas is less than a week away! Can you believe it? This past week and last has been busy. I helped my mom out with getting her tree and decorating it. My mom’s style is very classic when it comes to the holidays. She loves the golds, reds and greens. Some of her ornaments are older than me. Lots of glass and ceramic ornaments and felt red bows. It’s relaxing to sit by her tree and have a fire going while we wrap presents. I took a quick photo while I was sipping on homemade hot chocolate.


One thing I love about the holidays is shopping. Even when I am not the one shopping, I love helping my family shop. I am one of those weirdos that actually like window shopping. Don’t judge me! While mom was trying on dresses, I practiced my skills in iphone photography. hahaha


Between shopping, running errands, time with the kiddos, I did some shopping on my own. I received a gift card early and decided to pick up a few things. I stopped by Jerry’s Art-O-Rama to pick up some paint and canvases. Then I looked at Ross to see if there were anything good. I have been searching for a pair of black boots that I could wear everyday or at least as much as I wear my brown ones at a decent price. I finally found a pair of black studded boots I love! I also found some fleece lined leggings and a winter sweater I can wear at Christmas Eve at my moms.


I wanted to make a video of what I got, but now that I am sharing a house with 2 other roommates, I just don’t have the privacy I used to when I want to film something. hahahah oh oneday, I will have my studio to have the space to do the artistic things I need to do.

photo 3

Oh, and I almost forgot to share. My artwork is being used in a book! That will be in the next post! Im super excited to share it with you all! Stay tuned!

Xoxox, Cecilia

Cold and Dreary

The weather here has been gloomy, cold, wet and dreary for days, but it seems like weeks! How can I get any work done? Cold weather makes me want to just stay in bed all day and just watch movies. Surprisingly, I have used this weather as a time to get work done. I redesigned my blog (what do you think?) and even managed to edit a video and post to youtube.

new blog 2013 14 banner

Christmas is not too far away with 14 shopping days left! There’s not much I really want this year, if I could ask for anything, it would be to get new tires and brakes on my car! hahaha I went shopping with my mom a couple days ago, which I always enjoy even if I am not buying anything. But I am one of those weirdos that love to go window shopping.

Just for fun, though, I did make a Santa List for myself. hahaha



The break down:

1. Columbia Fleece Lined Coat in Turquiose (I don’t have a winter coat)

2. Flannel Fleece Electric Blanket (to keep me warm because I am always cold!)

3. Swatch Touch Screen Watch ( I have never had a nice watch)

4. Lighting Camera Set Up (for blogging and vlogging)

5. Black Flannel Boots (notice a trend in flannel??)

6. Flannel House Slippers (to keep my feet warm)

7. Beats by Dre Headphones (to listen to music while doing my art)

8. Acrylic Ink Set (I want to try these out!)

9. Wood Burning Kit (I want to learn how to do this)

10. Drawing/Drafting Desk(my desk now is not good for drawing)

11. Stained Glass Starter Kit (I miss doing this!)

12. Water Computer Speakers (just something cool to look at hahahah)


What is your Christmas wish list this year???? I would love to hear!

The rain needs to let up, because my mom needs to get a tree and we haven’t been able to get one with all the rain!

I think next year, I want to make my tree all one color. I was really inspired by a Peacock tree I saw at the Navy Exchange. Here are some other cool trees I found!


Have you decorated your tree yet? I am gone to go to Michaels to check out a few crafty things!

See you in the next post!

xoxoxox, Cecilia

Christmas Décor and Fashion Inspiration

With 3 weeks left to pack up my house, I finally got a start on actually packing. I feel like a professional mover. I have moved soooo many times in my life, this has to be I believe the 35th time moving. I got a little sentimental packing last night as I was watching Christmas movies on Netflix, I know I know, like really? Why do I put myself through that torture? I LOVE Christmas, and while I am not one of those people who already has their tree up and decorated, I do listen to the christmas music already.

I cant wait to be moved into a new place to call my own. I am looking for a one bedroom or even a studio. I really don’t want to rent a room but I may not have a choice. I have no problems roomating (roomating? is that even a word? It is now!!!) , because I am an excellent roomate. hahahaha I cant wait to get settled, because I want to decorate!!!!

So, this post brings me to this years Christmas decoration inspiration post!! So, check out these photos below and get inspired to share the joy!








What girl doesn’t love furry boots, sweaters and scarves during the cold holiday season?? I spied some really cute furry boots at Target last night while I was getting boxes to pack and they are only $35, so when I can, I wanna snatch these up. I have been looking for a pair of fur boots with a decent sole and that are comfortable. Plus, these match my Coach purse that my mom gave me! There’s no way that I will pay more than $50 for a pair of boots right now.


Check out these other winter fashion looks!












I love wearing jeans, sweaters, flannels and boots and lets not forget warm, cozy socks! I am planning on making a coat. I was sketching the other day and this is what I came up with. What do you think?


Well, I am off to get more boxes and tape and keep packing. Plus, I have to post on craigslist household stuff I am selling. Happy Friday everyone!

Also, I just posted a new video on youtube yesterday where I talk about my head tattoo and what my tattoos mean to me!