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Illustrations Mixed Media

Happy Saturday! It is a nice cool breezy sunny day, ( a lot of adjectives there…geeez) and  I have spent the day organizing al my upcoming projects I have to work on. I was up late working on my illustrations. I took a break and snapped a quick photo of my desk and all its mess. You can see my new watercolor set I bought from Michaels  (only $4.99) and I love it.



Yesterday, I colored in the sparrow compass rose tattoo using colored pencils, watercolor paints and my wax pencil. I really love the way this design came out. Check it out!


I then, took the tip from Sara Fabel, and I am sure many artists prolly do this trick, but I learned it from her video. I am not that good in photoshop yet, but I am pretty decent at Corel Paint Shop Pro ( I feel its more user friendly). I scanned this and then separated them and then arranged them in a more pleasing placement. ( you can see where I missed a few spots I didn’t erase, hey I’m not a pro yet)

combined sparrow final watermarked

I am proud of myself for the improvement I am seeing in my work. I know I am growing as an artist.

I need to get back to work on more designs, I just wanted to do a quick post and share it with my lovely readers out there!

Thanks for looking and see ya again soon!


I need a lil less caffeine right now

I don’t know if it’s the amount of coffee I have drank today, which was only 2 cups, or that I ate a few sugar cubes through out the day, or that I started taking green tea supplements again, but I have an insane amount of energy right now and it is going on 2AM!!!! I promise, I am not on anything besides caffeine, but for some reason since the moment I woke up today, I have been in my art room just pumping out work. I love days like this! I can only hope that I can keep up this productivity.


Last weekend, I wanted to share with you a few pics from a NATO festival the family and I went to, where Jermie dressed up as a live bush! Sounds weird, but it was pretty awesome. Check out this quick video I filmed and see if you cant get a chuckle out.

They had tents set up from each country and they all handed out pamphlets, maps, flags, yummy snacks and all sorts of free goodies to promote travel to their countries and to learn more about each country. It made me want to take a vacation right then and there! If only I had the Tardis, we could all go. hahaha



I cant believe it is already MAY! wowzers! This month, I have tons of facepaint gigs, tattoo drawings and even a few sewing and backdrop projects, and not to mention I’ll be participating in a flash mob. Im super excited!

I worked on two custom drawings, which I will post when they are finalized, but I am really proud of myself for pushing through and focusing on my art. I feel it is really starting to pay off.

I may have already posted this video, but I have been watching it over and over because I feel really inspired by Sara Fabel and I love the videos she posts. She just is a real down to earth girl.


I took some tips from her in this video in regards to my artwork. I like to draw my artwork big, only because I love the details in it. She also kinda opened my eyes to using photoshop to help edit your work and to make it much more crisp and sharp and making it easier to design sleeves of bigger pieces that have more designs in it. It makes it easier to scan in your work and then it is easy to arrange them in how the client will want them. So, I practiced with this piece:


This was hand-drawn, nothing traced, I drew them separately, uploaded them to photoshop and then separated them and arranged them to look like this:



I am still trying to figure out photoshop and learn how to make the lines better, but this is a start. I am starting to put together my portfolio in a professional way instead of a binder or loose paper. I checked out some of these online from my favorite art supply store, Jerry Artorama: (way cheaper than AC MOORE, or Micheals)




I rearranged my studio as well, so I think that also has me moving around more, I have more space to get things done. I practiced again on an orange just because I was feeling a lil restless and wanted to practice my color with a 5mag shader….I have a slight issue when I was squeezing the blue into an ink cap, the tip busted open and blue ink went EVERYWHERE! hahaha Luckily, I had a medical sheet laid out, so it was an easy clean up- otherwise my white desk would be a blueberry blue right now. hahaha

I really cant wait to get an apprenticeship, but for now as I build up my portfolio, Ill stick to this for right now



I still have a ways to go!

Well, I think my brain is starting to shut down a bit as my eyelids are getting droopy and this dubstep music that was once waking me up has now turned into a lullaby. Goodnight my creative friends! See ya tomorrow!


Rainy Wednesday Makes Me Sleepy

It is so miserable outside! Rainy and cold! It makes me want to stay in bed and not get up! I got a part time job this week. I should be jumping up and down, but honestly it’s not my dream job, but we all have to put food on the table and pay our bills that keep piling up. So, you want to know what I am gonna be doing? Get ready for it….telemarketing. Ugh. Yep, Ill be interrupting people’s life to try and sell them magazine subscriptions. Boring! But with Spring around the corner and many projects popping up, I need to get more art supplies and makeup and body paint so I can create create CREATE!

Speaking of creating, here is a few pieces I drew up last week!



SO sad news of the week, remember my old school projector that I have been using as a light box? Well, the light burned out so I haven’t been able to use it. Sad smile 

I’m so ready for Spring time! With warmer weather and sunshine, it can’t come any sooner. Well, I am off to get ready for the day! I hope you have a warmer day than me! xoxo Cecilia

Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art, starts with an act of imagination.