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It's Monday?

Here was my makeup/look for today! NUDE LIP- I LOVES!!!!

I just got done making surprises for my first 5 guests for an event we are doing at school tomorrow! I dont remember if I blogged about it, but Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell partner school is having what is called a Super Service Day. They wanted to make the school a more realistic salon setting. Usually we only get one guest per day, but not tomorrow. We get to pretend like we actually work in a salon, where we are double booked and have clients ALL day, which is something that most of us have not experienced yet.

They divided us up into teams based on the colors of our product lines. I am on the GREEN Team(which green is for our SUPER SKINNY LINE). Each of us is in charge of our own schedule and whoever gets at least 5 guests booked will be able to have their own station to set up. I know that doesnt sound that much, but with over 100 students, not all of us can use a station, we end up sharing half the time. LOL.

I booked 6 people, which are all my family or friends that volunteered to help me out. We are having all sorts of competitions tomorrow like who has sold the most product, who has the most guest, and who made the most (if we actually got paid for the service we are performing, because we dont normally-because were still students)

I am excited because I want to feel the salon experience. I know it wont be how some salons are, but it will give me a rough idea. I went and got the decorations to decorate our row for the GREEN TEAM. Party City had all sorts of cool stuff. I got balloons, glowsticks, bubbles, beads, I dont even know what else- if it was GREEN I grabbed it. LOL!

I met up with one of my models to sign some paperwork at Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble-favorite place to chill and get some work done! of course I ordered my drank (cinnamon dulce frapp) YUM!!!! I gave her a lil gift basket I made all my models: (have I ever posted them???) Well, I will post again!

I just picked up lil things that were cool and funky like POP ROCKS, candy ciggs, nail polish, lil puzzle erasers and just things to make someone smile.
I went and looked around for some ideas on dresses to wear for my birthday party coming up. I am gonna write that and post tomorrow! I found some really cute dresses and also some other cool fashion finds!

This is my GROWL face! Grrrrrrr! "SHOW ME YOUR TEETH"

My Vampire Red is starting to fade into The Great Pumpkin color hair. hahaha Remember the great pumpkin from CHarlie Brown?????
I came home and took a few silly snapshots above! hahaha Yes, I am a dork. I know!

I hope you were inspired today to surrender to your inner artist, or inner geek, or inner whatever you are!

Quote of the Day:

"I shut my eyes in order to see"

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.