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Monsters U and Us

The weekend is just about over and I am ready for Monday, which is weird, but I have a TON of work to do this week!

Even though I mainly work at home right now and freelance, I do try to take a normal weekend off especially while the kids are out of school for summer. Plus, I am taking advantage of the fact that I can take the weekends off before I start working in a salon again.

I finally made another youtube video of me shaving my head, or well, half my head again. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I rocked the shaved side for a good 2 years. It feels good to have it back and now that my hair has taken a nice break, its time to get back into my hair and makeup. It took a back seat for a while, I must admit, while I focused on my artwork and tattoo drawings and body painting.

If you havent seen my lil video, you can check it out below, and I also have our new pup, Mystique, show her cute lil face in there too!

say hello to my puppy!!!! oh yea and I shave half my head again


Hubby and I surprised the kiddos to a movie today! We went and saw Monsters University! We loved it! So cute and just as good as the first one! Of course, all pixar movies are good, no matter if it’s the second or third movie! I actually got all dolled up with my makeup, which is something I haven’t done lately-at least with colors. I have been stickin to the Naked 2 palette, cat eye liner and nude lipstick. I got a lil more festive.





I plan on  coloring my hair tomorrow or tuesday, but knowing me and how impatient I get, it will be tomorrow. So stay tuned for that and the craziness that will come with the next post!


You want a tattoo WHERE?

So, I gave a lil hint in my last post that I was going back to a color I had last year. In case you are still wondering, here is where I am getting my inspiration from all these gorgeous images off of Pintrest. Oh yea, and I might have told yall that I was going to grow out the shaved head part of my head, well, I just couldnt get past the awkward growing out stage, so that went out the window as well. Back to the half shaved head. hahaha
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

And you wanna know the latest idea that I have been obssessing about???? And youre gonna think I am totally nuts, but I dont care....yall know I wanna be a tattoo artist and ive been working on my portfolio to take to a tattoo shop, well, I am gonna book an appointment to get a very awesome piece done.....since I am keeping my shaved head, I have decided that I want to get the shaved part tattooed. Yep, you read that right...I want a head tattoo....and its cool because if I dont want anyone to see it, I can always flip my hair over or just grow it out. I am super excited, but I am still deciding what I want there....right now, I am thinking a deep red rose and my signature swirls around it...and some stars. I will have to brainstorm about it. Here are some inspiration images from Pintrest as well on Head Tattoos. What do you think???

So, um, yea....gonna do it. I dont know when, because the artist I want to do it is pretty booked, but I plan on making the appointment soon and then I can work on my portfolio. I am not gonna give up on getting a professional apprenticeship. Gotta fight for what you want!

Red hair and head tattoos,