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Monsters U and Us

The weekend is just about over and I am ready for Monday, which is weird, but I have a TON of work to do this week!

Even though I mainly work at home right now and freelance, I do try to take a normal weekend off especially while the kids are out of school for summer. Plus, I am taking advantage of the fact that I can take the weekends off before I start working in a salon again.

I finally made another youtube video of me shaving my head, or well, half my head again. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I rocked the shaved side for a good 2 years. It feels good to have it back and now that my hair has taken a nice break, its time to get back into my hair and makeup. It took a back seat for a while, I must admit, while I focused on my artwork and tattoo drawings and body painting.

If you havent seen my lil video, you can check it out below, and I also have our new pup, Mystique, show her cute lil face in there too!

say hello to my puppy!!!! oh yea and I shave half my head again


Hubby and I surprised the kiddos to a movie today! We went and saw Monsters University! We loved it! So cute and just as good as the first one! Of course, all pixar movies are good, no matter if it’s the second or third movie! I actually got all dolled up with my makeup, which is something I haven’t done lately-at least with colors. I have been stickin to the Naked 2 palette, cat eye liner and nude lipstick. I got a lil more festive.





I plan on  coloring my hair tomorrow or tuesday, but knowing me and how impatient I get, it will be tomorrow. So stay tuned for that and the craziness that will come with the next post!


Back Online

I just picked up my computer this afternoon and it feels good to have it back. My poor baby had her guts ripped out and was in surgery all weekend, but she is safely put back together and viruses GONE! I was so very fortunate to have known someone who could fix her.

My computer ended up having to be totally wiped ( luckily the IT was able to get all my important photos, videos and documents and restore them after wiping her clean). I will def have to go get an external harddrive to keep all my stuff on before something bad does happen.

evening view of sandbridge bay

This past weekend, the family and I hung out in Sandbridge at a beach house my mother rented. It was so nice and peaceful. A cute 4 bedroom house with a huge wrap around deck. It was very relaxing. The whole fam came out and we all ended up crashing over saturday night. All the kids slept in bunk beds....including myself...hahaha. We grilled out, walked to the beach, sunbathed, ate homemade icecream and took strolls on the beach at night.

homemade icecream. (bought this maker at Sam's Club)

I managed to take a few pics before going to the beach in my onepiece bathing suit. (I found at TJ MAXX for only $30) It's a onepiece, hot pink suit that totally reminds me of who other than Marilyn (minus the shaved head part hahaha)

I will say I have a nice glowy tan so no one can complain how ghostly white I usually am. hahaha

Oh, and of course I recolored my hair....AGAIN. Its still half black with yellow,orange and red all creating a ncie fading ombre'd. LOVE IT!

But now that the weekend is over, its time to go back to work. I am going to submit my paperwork so that I can take my state boards and get a job in a salon.  (I do still work for Xotic Eyes in case you are wondering) but I need to go ahead and get licensed.

Well, thanks for stopping by, and sorry that I was MIA for I dont even want to know how long. I will leave you with this positive thought with this picture that is currently my desktop!

see ya again soon!

XOXO Cecilia


I cant believe it is going to be friday yet again. Where has time gone? I feel like I just posted something yesterday but it has been almost a week! I am laying in bed, in my jammies watching Pirates of The Carribean Dead Man's Chest and attempting to write this (my eyelids are getting so heavy), I just stuffed my face with two Reeses peanut butter cups (pulled fresh from the freezer...sooooo good when they are frozen!) which is my desert from the spaghetti I had earlier.

Few updates: I colored my hair, or I should say my friend Jackie colored my hair and it turned out frickin fantastiliscious! hahahaha

Red, Purple and Blue Hair

Birds eye view

Side view of color madness!

I love this sooo much and it is my fav color of my hair as of RIGHT NOW> until I change it again. hahaha. I was originally going to just redo the red I had before using Hot Topic's Vampire Blood Color, but I still had some of my blue CHI Color and so Jackie wanted to have a lil fun so I gave her the OK to have at it.

The best part is that they are my 3 fave colors and it matches my star tattoo, my Sweet Surrender tattoo and my mermaid tattoo! LOVE!!!

I also completed this floral tattoo design for a friend that she plans on getting a side piece tattoo. I really wish I knew how to tattoo already. Once I graduate from Paul Mitchell, I am on the hunt for an artist who is willing to teach me.

Hibiscus, small flowers, stars and scrolls tattoo design

Then yesterday we had a TORNADO! jeez, first earthquakes, then a hurricane now a tornado. Check out this cool pic of it though that I found online after the tornado had passed

I was down at Micheals Craft store when the tornade came from nowhere and it was crazy. There was lightening every 2 seconds and thunder following swiftly behind. I had screamed a few times while in the car because the thunder was so loud and the lightening seemed like it was right in front of me. I usually dont mind a good thunderstorm, but tornados and hurricanes....NO THANK YOU!

I stocked up on a few supplies at micheals and at the Halloween stores for a few of my halloween makeup tutorials, so I am super excited to show them soon!

Well, I am off to bed to rest up for another hectic day tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by as always!

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Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone.
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