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More tattoos and Convention coming up!

August is here already, which makes me excited because It is closer to my favorite month, September! Plus, the weather will start getting cooler and I love Autumn! This month has a few awesome things coming up, such as The First Annual Virginia Beach Tattoo Convention! I have been talking about this for a few months ever since I first found out about it!


I plan on going that Sunday since I am off work. I might get my knuckles tattooed possibly. That week is also going to be a Comicon in Hampton that Thursday and Friday. I really want to geek out and go and take the kiddos, but my schedule will be tight enough we wont be able to go.

I wasn’t feeling too well last week, but I did manage to get a little drawing in and some tattoo practice. Check it out:



Its about 1am and I need to go to bed! I hope you all have had a good monday! See ya in the next post!

xoxox, cecilia


Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival

2011 show poster by Brian Bruno of Absolute Art Tattoo, Richmond VA
The next Tattoo expo in this area is the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival for the following weekend:

Friday, Nov 18th: 2pm-10pm Saturday, Nov 19th: 12pm-10pm Sunday, Nov 20th: 12pm-7pm

It will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The convention center is in the heart of downtown Richmond, VA.

Here are the prices of admission:
One day pass: $20 Three day laminate: $40 Children under 12: FREE Ages 12 - 17: $5

If you need or want any more info, or just wanna stalk their pages here are their Facebook and Website :


I have been researching which artist I want to work on me during that weekend. I may end up getting my sleeve started that weekend ( I am hoping to) I am thinking about getting a memorial to my grandmother done that weekend which I think will be good because she passed away on November 6, 2009, and the tattoo expo will be a week or two after that.

I have been cyber stalking Studio Evolve website:

There is an artist named Tanane Whitfield whom I am intrigued to have work done by: Check out some of his work at his website:

I love his character work, and the colors! I read that he likes to incorporate crayola crayons into his design because most artists start out with crayons and as they get older they dont use them as much, so in a way its putting them back into your life. I just love it! I am going to start plannign my weekend there. I dont know if anyone who reads my blogs will be in the area, but I am down to do a meet up and get to know other bloggers or readers! Contact me at!

Quote of the day:

A tattoo is an affirmation: that this body is yours to have and to enjoy while you're here. Nobody else can control what you do with it.

DON ED HARDY, Douglas Kent Hall's Prison Tattoos
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