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More tattoos and Convention coming up!

August is here already, which makes me excited because It is closer to my favorite month, September! Plus, the weather will start getting cooler and I love Autumn! This month has a few awesome things coming up, such as The First Annual Virginia Beach Tattoo Convention! I have been talking about this for a few months ever since I first found out about it!


I plan on going that Sunday since I am off work. I might get my knuckles tattooed possibly. That week is also going to be a Comicon in Hampton that Thursday and Friday. I really want to geek out and go and take the kiddos, but my schedule will be tight enough we wont be able to go.

I wasn’t feeling too well last week, but I did manage to get a little drawing in and some tattoo practice. Check it out:



Its about 1am and I need to go to bed! I hope you all have had a good monday! See ya in the next post!

xoxox, cecilia


New Pup adventures and VINE

Good afternoon my lovies! How is everyone doing? I just got back from taking the pup for a walk and sweating my butt off because the humidity is kickin high today, at least in my area. I live about 2 1/2 miles from the beach, so its not too bad, but it’s a bit muggy.


We picked up our new puppy, Mystique, last night and she was a lil out of it due to her surgery. She is such a lovie dovie dog, and she slept with us all night long. She was afraid of the stairs, so she has been avoiding them, but the kiddos trained her by bribing her with food.


I already have a funny story! So, you know I am a hairstylist and I have a few mannequin heads lying around, I threw one of the old ones on the floor and she went full frontal attack on it! It was actually quite hilarious. I managed to get a small video of it. I posted it on my new Vine Account, so if you wanna check it out, Find me I am user Sweet Surrender!


Also, for any fellow artists that are reading, Check out Jerry’s Art-O-Rama Summer giveaway with Pinterest!

Check out more details by clicking on the picture below!


I have a busy week! I am in search of a salon that is close to where I live, (at least in the same city) and also that suits me and my style and of course, my clients. I have a few interviews set up through out the week and next and I will more than likely be going back to my shaved side and bright colored hair, because I simply cannot stay away!

I have tons of tattoo designs to draw up for clients and I have been a bit behind. Oh yea, before I forget, I did a couple more tattoos, just did some filler, which I am not done, and did my first cover up. I am still practicing, so please bare with me!


I am slowly building myself up and my skills. Smile 

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post!



My good friend Lah (who is an awesome Nail Artist) stopped by my place a couple days ago to borrow some things and she had a surprise for me. She had stopped by a tattoo shop and asked about any upcoming apprenticeships going on in the shop and she set up an appointment with me with one of the artists.

I stopped by yesterday morning and showed him my portfolio or what I threw together at last second….(ughhhh I know, I know, I need to be more organized) and talked with him a bit. I wasn’t offered an apprenticeship, but he did say that I need to draw everyday. He wants to see a solid year of drawing, which is cool with me because I still need to work. He did give a “homework” assignment.

I took the challenge and have been working on my drawings for the past 2 days. I haven’t been feeling well, so while I have been taking Dayquil and Nightquil nonstop I have been using this down time to really work on my art. Yesterday, I even dragged myself out of bed to the library so I could get some art books for inspiration. I found some good ones too.

My challenge was to draw 3 Skulls. One black and gray realistic skull, one vibrant, bright and colorful Sugar Skull and the last a new school skull drawing.


I finished my skull drawing already and wanted to share my progress with you.



The second drawing, I am gathering reference photos for the Sugar Skull. I am really excited to draw this one. Here are some of my favorite photos I found so far.




Ill show yall my progress as I go because I love sharing my art in hopes it would inspire someone or another artist to get off their butt and create art. I def need a good shoving every now and then to get the fire going.

Another artist and myself are thinking about getting together for an art session soon. So if anyone is in the area and want to collaborate or bounce ideas off each other…let me know by leaving a comment ot send me an email to
Thanks for stopping by and see you again in the next post!
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