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fReAksHoW Birthday

I was asked to come do some facepainting for a fun birthday party at Central 111, which is a cute hookah and tapas bar. The theme for it was “Freakshow”, and it was pretty fun! Z104, one of our local radio stations was there to keep the party going. Executive Tattoo showed out with us and we all rocked the night!

I wasn’t able to snap any pictures, but luckily Abe-Hernandez-Photography  was there working and he was happy to let me share his wonderful images!


















Hubby came out with me too and we all had a good time! I love when I work fun events like these! With the summer coming up, I have a few more events booked like this and I cant wait!

Which one was your favorite facepaint? I loved doing the joker face! Well, I love them all!

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post!

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12 hour Photo Shoot Day!

Artists: SIREN and SOPE

I was invited to go to a photoshoot yesterday with a local body painter/graffiti artist named SOPE to assist in painting a few models for ICON Limosines that is doing a Calender Photo Shoot to showcase all their fabulous Limos! (see more at )

Tidewater's Only Pink Hummer Limo
The shoot started out at 8am and finished around 7:45pm, so it was ALL Day! Food and music was provided for a fun atmosphere in the graffiti filled workspace of the INKY DINX Studio, where the shoot was held.

There is a PARTY BUS too!
 There were about 10 models or more- after a while, I lost count. I was mainly there to do body painting- but I brought all my kits with me- JUST IN CASE- and I am glad that I did. I ended up helping out with hair and makeup- a TRIPLE THREAT! hahaha

There was alot of body painting with topless models for each month- I wont show too many pictures, but I did manage to take a few while working- I really didnt have time.

Thats all I will show for a sneak peek- will have to wait for a calender to see the rest!

This coming weekend, I will be doing body painting for the Lawrence Brothers Hairshow for an amazing stylist! More on that to come next week!

Thanks for stopping by as always!

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Day of the Dead

Yesterday, we did something special during class that we normally dont get to do as much and we got a chance to have a photoshoot at school. We partnered up, had to make story boards and then complete the look.

It took me forever to think of a good theme to do that wasnt too crazy or weird. Lately I have been planning what Halloween looks I want to do you some upcoming tutorials, but after walking around Micheals Craft store forever, I finally decided to do Dia De Los Muertos AKA Day of the Dead.

Take a look!

My story board for this look! and part of my set up

My model: T'Tielle Before

Her and I after :)

It was so much fun doing this. I have been wanting to recreate this type of look for a while now, and so I couldnt make an excuse not to do it when we had to do this photoshoot.

For anyone interested in how I did this or what products I used, I am going to make a tutorial on it, hopefully I can get it done this weekend in time for anyone wanting to do this.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a fantabulous day!

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