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Nerd for Books

I recently got a gift card to my favorite store Barnes and Nobles Book Store. Although this was a gift for me, I always include my kiddos and get them goodies too! At first, when I told the kids we were going to the bookstore, they hesitated not wanting to go since there were no TOYS. But once I told them there was a Starbucks in it, they got sooo happy because they love their hot chocolates. hahahahahah   I love bookstores and I want my children to love reading too and going to bookstores as much as I do.

Once we got in the store, they immediatly went to the kids section and Matthias made a straight line to the comics section and starts pulling down books and looking through them. Arabella could only think about hot chocolate. hahaha until she came across a section of girl diary's ( the kind with a lock on it) and that caught her attention.  I was the same way at her age. hahah funny how that happens

 I actually picked up a book next to her diary that had drawing styles for fashion design on sale for $6- I couldnt help myself, I had to grab it! I wish this book was out when I was younger! I love how they break down how to draw faces and clothing. I like the faces because I could use them as facesheets when I design makeup looks. The croakies ( the trace drawings of people) are really good too!

After they picked out $10 worth for each of them, I went and grabbed two of my favorite tattoo magazines, Bound By Ink and Rebel Ink.

I grabbed my usual Cinnamon Dulce Latte, the kiddos two hot chocolates and a rice krispies treat that we all shared.

see me eyeballing that COLOR NOOK?? I want to get one soooo bad!

Arabella feels so grown up and likes to pretend she is drinking Coffee. hahahaha

I hope you enjoyed our lil trip to Barnes and Nobles with us! Do you like to go to Barnes and Nobles? Whats your favorite part of going there? I like to get coffee and browse magazines and books for inspiration!

See you again soon!

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