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Baby Hipster

This past Sunday, Matthias and I got the rare chance to have mom and son time. We went to Starbucks and ordered our holiday drinks. He gets his white hot chocolate and I get my Pepermint mocha at kids temperature simply because I hate burning my tongue and waiting for my coffee to get cool enough to sip on. I managed to get a pic of us.

He loves his hat! He's had it for about a year now. Its from Target..Harijuku line of course. He snatched my glasses from inside the car and wore them all day. He is soooo stinkin cute. He is alot like me and when I notice lil things that we have in common, it just makes my heart melt.

Later, we went to his football banquet party to celebrate the season and to get his trophy. He was so excited to get his trophy and to also go bowling....oh yea, it was held at a bowling alley on base. Many many kids and their parents. It was actually pretty fun.

Check out my hot neon bowling rental shoes! They match my tights under my ripped jeans! I managed to bowl almost a full game before my hip and wrist started hurting.  Arabella was excited to go bowling too! She bowled more games than us! She bowled 5 games!!!! Lets just say she was fast alseep as soon as we got in the car.

Look how bog his trophy is!!! He was so happy and I couldnt have been more proud of my baby boy. I am glad that he stuck through the whole season and he cant wait for next season!

Now, I need to get off this computer and make breakfast for the fam...even though its lunchtime. Tons of stuff to do. Im making my dining room into my art studio and gotta start christmas shopping. I know, I know, its a lil late, but so much has been happening. well, im off to start the day!

Nerd for Books

I recently got a gift card to my favorite store Barnes and Nobles Book Store. Although this was a gift for me, I always include my kiddos and get them goodies too! At first, when I told the kids we were going to the bookstore, they hesitated not wanting to go since there were no TOYS. But once I told them there was a Starbucks in it, they got sooo happy because they love their hot chocolates. hahahahahah   I love bookstores and I want my children to love reading too and going to bookstores as much as I do.

Once we got in the store, they immediatly went to the kids section and Matthias made a straight line to the comics section and starts pulling down books and looking through them. Arabella could only think about hot chocolate. hahaha until she came across a section of girl diary's ( the kind with a lock on it) and that caught her attention.  I was the same way at her age. hahah funny how that happens

 I actually picked up a book next to her diary that had drawing styles for fashion design on sale for $6- I couldnt help myself, I had to grab it! I wish this book was out when I was younger! I love how they break down how to draw faces and clothing. I like the faces because I could use them as facesheets when I design makeup looks. The croakies ( the trace drawings of people) are really good too!

After they picked out $10 worth for each of them, I went and grabbed two of my favorite tattoo magazines, Bound By Ink and Rebel Ink.

I grabbed my usual Cinnamon Dulce Latte, the kiddos two hot chocolates and a rice krispies treat that we all shared.

see me eyeballing that COLOR NOOK?? I want to get one soooo bad!

Arabella feels so grown up and likes to pretend she is drinking Coffee. hahahaha

I hope you enjoyed our lil trip to Barnes and Nobles with us! Do you like to go to Barnes and Nobles? Whats your favorite part of going there? I like to get coffee and browse magazines and books for inspiration!

See you again soon!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Bouncy Houses, hot chocolate and scary masks!

Its a sunday afternoon or I should say evening and I am sitting with my two kids and husband finishing up watching Home Alone. This is the first chance I got all day that I can finally sit and rest!

I took the kids to a friend of mine's daughter's 2nd birthday party that she hosted at The Bounce House. If you dont know what a bounce house is, it is those big inflatable things that kids jump on and slide on and just run into things. Many people usually rent them at their homes in their backyards. or if youre kandee johnson, she puts them in her living room! hahaha (youtube it, its funny!) The Bounce House is where they have like 10 of these things set up and kids are just running around amped up on sugar and wreaking havoc. HAHAHAHA

Bella through the screen of a bounce house

Yummy Ariel Cupcake Cake! SOOOO cute and yummy...see the birthday girls lil hand sneakin some icing. hahaha

After the party, we stayed for an extra half hour and let the kids get tuckered out while I chatted with a friend from school about the kiddos aka Mommy talk. hahaha

Then once we picked up Jermie from work, we wanted to go look at whats in the Halloween Stores because its all of ours favorite holiday besides Christmas! I stocked up on cream costume makeup for upcoming Halloween tutorials! I got alot of inspiration and am ready to go!!! Matti and Jermie got a few fake guns to play with and make noise to drive me crazy!!! hahaha Bella was scared walkin in the store, since she didnt get any toys, we treated her to Skinny Dip.

We made a pit stop at Starbucks where I had to recharge with a cinnamon dulce latte while the kids drank Hot Chocolate. Jermie got his white chocolate mocha-which was a nice way to relax on our drive home.

So, that was my day today, now I am going through emails, and organizing everything I need to do within the next week or two including finishing tattoo drawings and planning my next tutorials for halloween!

cinnnnaaaaammmminy lattes and whipped cream, Cecilia

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Quote of the day:
Starbucks says they are going to start putting religious quotes on cups. The very first one will say, 'Jesus! This cup is expensive!'
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