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VAIN Wedding

My learning leader, Sammi Jo- otherwise known as Samantha Vain, married her love on October 1st, 2011. I asked her permission before writing about it, and I finally remembered to ask her to make sure it was ok.

I really look up to her in many ways not only for inspiration, motivation but as an amazing person. She is younger than me, and I cant say she reminds me of a sister I never had, but I just feel like I look up to her and I value what she teaches me throughout my cosmetology career. In a way, I look up to her as a mentor.

Let me just say, Samantha Vain is no ordinary woman, she changes her look everyday and her makeup is amazing. So, when it came for her beach wedding, it was be ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY.

I managed to get a few pictures online and I wanted to share them with my readers in hopes that you get inspired by it as I have.

I was online looking up more info on her and came across this cute article about them, you can see it here.

Samantha Vain is not only an instructor at Paul Mitchell Academy, she is also a makeup artist, a photographer and a model. You can find her at MODEL MAHEM !!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful Avant Grade Fall Beach Wedding!

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