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She is Love

Love. Love is such a strong force. We all have been in love at least one point in our lives, or maybe even several times. I dont really know why I am writing this, I am in no way an expert in love. But I do love "LOVE".  I love the connection two people feel when they first met.  The first kiss. The first...everything.

Sometimes, after the first few months or years go by, and this goes for any relationships, we forget about those special lil moments that happens between couples.  Simple little things, like cooking dinner together, going out on dates,getting flowers, holding hands,  are forgotten because of our busy lives, school, work, kids and family. 

We all need those lil reminders to stop. Take a break from our busy schedules....and take time to reunite those bonds. Go out on a date, go for a walk on the beach, go for a couples massage. Remember to appreciate your partner. Its nice to hear that youre appreciated. Its  nice to know that you are missed and loved.

In love, its always the little things that count. I mean the big things count too, but the little things is what keeps us going everyday. Small reminders that youre connected and loved. To feel connected and to feel you have a purpose in someone live. Love makes your life worthwihile.

So I guess the meaning of this post, is to remind you to stop and love someone. hahaha go run off and do something spontaneous, run and dance on the beach even if its freezing cold, bake some cookies and serve it with icecream to your love interest, do something you normally dont do. Just to feel alive, to feel loved because love is what makes the world go round.

Ill leave you with this video: "She is Love" by Parachute. Jermie and I went to see Goo Goo Dolls and saw this group and michelle Branch play. We got their autographs too! And thats another thing to do with your love, go to a concert!

VAIN Wedding

My learning leader, Sammi Jo- otherwise known as Samantha Vain, married her love on October 1st, 2011. I asked her permission before writing about it, and I finally remembered to ask her to make sure it was ok.

I really look up to her in many ways not only for inspiration, motivation but as an amazing person. She is younger than me, and I cant say she reminds me of a sister I never had, but I just feel like I look up to her and I value what she teaches me throughout my cosmetology career. In a way, I look up to her as a mentor.

Let me just say, Samantha Vain is no ordinary woman, she changes her look everyday and her makeup is amazing. So, when it came for her beach wedding, it was be ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY.

I managed to get a few pictures online and I wanted to share them with my readers in hopes that you get inspired by it as I have.

I was online looking up more info on her and came across this cute article about them, you can see it here.

Samantha Vain is not only an instructor at Paul Mitchell Academy, she is also a makeup artist, a photographer and a model. You can find her at MODEL MAHEM !!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful Avant Grade Fall Beach Wedding!

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