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Last week, Virginia Beach was declared in a “state of emergency” while we received more than the usual amount of snow at a whopping 7-10 INCHES!  Kids were sent home early yesterday and even the library was closed early for everyone to go home and prepare for this massive “snow storm”. Geez. Ridiculous. I know we don’t get a lot of snow here, but people were buying everything out at the stores like it was the end of the world, when usually no one does anything when we are faced with a hurricane. I guess all we can do is laugh at everyone going crazy. haha
I did go to the store and grab some munchies to last for a day or two, mainly chips, soda, pizza and lets not forget chocolate donuts for creative purposes. I bunkered in for the night, and was introduced to “snow cream” and I am apparently one of few who have never heard of it. I quickly learned it was fresh snow mixed with either milk, half and half, condensed milk or creamer mixed with sugar and viola!  SNOW CREAM. It reminded me of the little blizzard kit my daughter got for Christmas a few years ago and it was almost like a milkshake. Pretty tasty.
I have stayed in all day mainly because the roads are not plowed and I do not want to risk getting hit by someone who has no idea how to drive in the snow. I am thankful I do have experience from driving in the snow thanks to good ol’ Fort Drum, NY where I was stationed for 4 years. Oh, if only I knew where some pictures were. hmmmm. And how could I forget the many winters I have spent in Denver, Colorado. I have had my fair share of snow and I cant wait to move south in a few years.
I have kept myself pretty busy thanks to be confined to my house and even though I do not have internet at my house (which is probably for the best, so I do not get distracted) I have finished a few drawings and now working on some other projects.
Check out these:
1521732_716335551723529_2023504909_neagle kids namessword tattoo two rosestribal owl and tiger 

I am pretty proud of myself for being able to stay focused for longer than 15 minutes. haha
What have you guys been up to?

Super Mind Powers

Hey guys! I’m sitting here at my computer and I have so many ideas on things I want to work on, such as my new blog design, future tshirt designs, my new logo design, tattoo designs and blogging, my youtube channel. I feel like I need to slow my mind down that is going a million miles per second. I guess it can be a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because I am motivated to be productive, but a bad thing because it can easily overwhelm me.


I have had 2 cups of coffee in a row, because I am freezing and can’t seem to wake up. The weather went from 75 degrees yesterday to 45! Whattttt???


Things have slowed down a bit now that I have moved and settled in my new place. I feel like stress has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I have moved. It feels good to get my life back on track!

The kids and I (mainly me) decorated the tree this afternoon! They helped for the first 10 minutes and then…..Bella Boo was fixated on watching Teen Beach Movie while Matti cuddled up in blankets and watched cartoons, while I decorated. Either way, the tree turned out great! What do you think?


I have logged back onto and here is my latest win design! I didn’t win all the ones I entered, but that’s ok, all of these will go into my portfolio!

ANCHOR infinity yellow tilted

I am waiting to see if I won this design:

11-26-2013 12;17;01AM 2_3

script watercolor


Here is another design I worked on that is intended for a thing piece and the chains are meant to be like a charm bracelet to which charm tattoos can be added to signify an important memory. I am actually giving this design to my sis, Dominique!

photo 2

The pup is getting so big! He is almost 4 months and I have started taking him on two walks a day just because he has so much energy! I am glad there is lots of woods around where I live for the pup to run around.


I still need to get internet set up at the new place. I have been going to the library or my mom’s to bum the internet off of them and that just doesn’t work. hahaha It’s sad that some of us cant go very long without internet. Sad but true.

I am off to try and work on some projects. Have a great night!