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8 Months

Its August.....and I am ashamed to even call myself a who goes 8 months without posting? This girl right here. What is up with that? welllllll.....long story short.....Been a busy year. And My heart just wasn't into blogging like I used to. I used to use my blog as my creative outlet and I loved it. But then I got too distracted by other social media and just caught up. I took a break from that to recenter again like most artists do.
So, Ill try to give ya a somewhat update to what I have been up to.
I colored my hair red at the beginning of the year to break up the boring-ness I had reverted back to.
I took a trip to Baltimore with some friends from my previous life in the army and had an absolute blast.

My art space got a beautiful makeover thanks to a very organized OCD friend of mine who took a look at my workspace and said "How do you get any work done?" Which I happily replied with shrugged shoulders...."I am an artist" As you can see I lost this battle.

Super Mind Powers

Hey guys! I’m sitting here at my computer and I have so many ideas on things I want to work on, such as my new blog design, future tshirt designs, my new logo design, tattoo designs and blogging, my youtube channel. I feel like I need to slow my mind down that is going a million miles per second. I guess it can be a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because I am motivated to be productive, but a bad thing because it can easily overwhelm me.


I have had 2 cups of coffee in a row, because I am freezing and can’t seem to wake up. The weather went from 75 degrees yesterday to 45! Whattttt???


Things have slowed down a bit now that I have moved and settled in my new place. I feel like stress has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I have moved. It feels good to get my life back on track!

The kids and I (mainly me) decorated the tree this afternoon! They helped for the first 10 minutes and then…..Bella Boo was fixated on watching Teen Beach Movie while Matti cuddled up in blankets and watched cartoons, while I decorated. Either way, the tree turned out great! What do you think?


I have logged back onto and here is my latest win design! I didn’t win all the ones I entered, but that’s ok, all of these will go into my portfolio!

ANCHOR infinity yellow tilted

I am waiting to see if I won this design:

11-26-2013 12;17;01AM 2_3

script watercolor


Here is another design I worked on that is intended for a thing piece and the chains are meant to be like a charm bracelet to which charm tattoos can be added to signify an important memory. I am actually giving this design to my sis, Dominique!

photo 2

The pup is getting so big! He is almost 4 months and I have started taking him on two walks a day just because he has so much energy! I am glad there is lots of woods around where I live for the pup to run around.


I still need to get internet set up at the new place. I have been going to the library or my mom’s to bum the internet off of them and that just doesn’t work. hahaha It’s sad that some of us cant go very long without internet. Sad but true.

I am off to try and work on some projects. Have a great night!


Lets Turn it Around

Before (above)
Hello my beautiful Dolls! Its Thursday and trying to keep on my youtube posting schedule (of posting on Thursdays) I just finished editing my video! I have new hair colors again! My friend Lah helped me to achieve this look!  And you can check it out here!
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This week has been really hot out! and humid! So, I have been staying indoors except for the occasional walk with the pup! I have been working on various projects and trying to get them all done. I have been struggling on staying focused as usual but I am pushing through!
Jermie has been working his but off lately, framing houses during the day then working down at the oceanfront! Check out this cutie! hahaha I did his clown face makeup! He is so perfect for this job, because he loves clowns and he is such a joker!
I am happy to announce that I have found a salon to call home! Now that I finally got my license, I have been looking for a salon to fit me and my needs as well as my clients! It is a new salon that is opening up next month called Layla’s Glam Squad! It is here in the local Virginia Beach area, it is a multi cultural shop that will specialize in hair, color, extensions, weaves, nails, and we will also have a tanning bed in there as well. I cannot wait to show you pictures, because it is sooo cute and shabby chic! More will come on this! But I wanted to share in case any of my clients are reading!
Well, I need to get back to work, so have a great day today!

Motivational Mondays- Get off your butt

Mondays can be a drag if you let it be. I woke up this morning in a great mood. Lately, I have been going to bed and listening to hypnosis sleep techniques on Youtube. I have been a little stressed out and anxious so I have been meditating and trying to clear my negative energy.

After I dropped off my hubby to work, I came home and got on the treadmill. I found an awesome work out video playlist that really kept me going. I want to share it with you.

I love this video because about every 30 seconds or so, a motivational quote displays and just when I want to stop, the next quote will push me. I need that lil nudge sometimes.

Here are some more quotes to get your butt into gear!








Here are some other inspirational photos in regards to hair, tattoos and makeup.







I think this is enough motivation for today! I am off to get ready and fun some errands! Thank you all for stopping by! see you again soon.


xoxoxox. Cecilia Marie

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I Paint a Mean Face

Howdy yall! This past weekend, I was pretty busy painting faces and I gotta say that I love my job! I love that I get to play with paint and bring a smile to someone’s face no matter what the age. The weather turned out gorgeous once the rain passed. I was able to record a quick lil (somewhat a tutorial) video before heading out. I remembered to take a few snapshots too of a few faces, because I always forget to or I don’t have time.


If you’re a local in the area of Hampton Roads, and were wondering if I do birthday parties or other events, the answer is YES! I do! You can comment or email me to inquire about rates and scheduling at

Jermie and I were working our gigs and while I was facepainting, He was dressed up as Sponge Bob and Elmo. hahahaha I couldn’t help but laugh at him.



The best thing about the beach is all the cool shows that we put on. I didn’t work Saturday, so we checked out the fire show they had and Matthias got to be one of their helpers.




Look at Bella Boo! She has really gotten into skateboarding, so has Matti, but I wasn’t able to get a pic of him. But I think it will be a while before he skateboards because he fell off a trampoline today and broke his arm!


He is being a trooper! He is going to get a green cast! I am going to paint it of course if he wants me to.

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As always, I leave you with some motivation! Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

xoxoxo, Cecilia