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Makeup Class was a Success

Good evening my loves! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week, as for me, Monday’s are my days off from the salon, but that doesn’t mean I actually get a day off. Since I am involved in so many different things, my schedule stays pretty busy.


Last friday, we celebrated Lah and Michael’s wedding ceremony and it was just so beautiful. Jermie and I got all dressed up in matching outfits (cheesy I know) which is rare and we loved it.


Jermie and I taking selfies while we waited


Layla Glam Squad: Nita, Chavonne and myself!


Pretty in Purple! I love this dress! ( I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $15!!!)


Wedding Gifts on our table!


The beautiful bride, Lah with Hair done by Eyesha and Makeup by Gi Gi- our other members of the Layla Glam Squad!


Of course, Jermie and the Groom Michael getting it on the dance floor! We had a great time and it was so much fun to celebrate the love of two people vowing to share their lives.

Layla Glam Squad held our first monthly makeup class this past Sunday and I’m proud to say it was a success! We had several young ladies come out to learn tips and tricks of a makeup artist, ask questions and mingle with other professionals in the beauty industry.



This first class was our Intro to Glam, the next class will be held at the end of September and it will be “Eyebrows, Eyeshadow and Eyelashes”. I cant wait for that class! It was so much and I love meeting new people and artists in the industry because we are all so diverse with our skills all coming together for the love of makeup.

After our makeup class, my friend Chloe asked me to help glam her up for an 80’s work party and so here is a few photos of that as well!


Don’t they look so adorable???

It is almost the end of the tourist season here in Virginia Beach and so my hubby is pretty much done with stilt walking at the oceanfront. Here I am painting his face one last time for Beach Street.


In case you wanted to see my makeup of the day, here is a close up. I did a purple and black smokey eye with a lil eye design for fun with a plum lip!


This is the last week of August and soon it will be September which my birthday is in a week and then the kids return to school. I am excited for cooler weather and less mosquitos and more hot coffee and sweaters and boots. For now, It is time for me to go get some beauty sleep!

I leave this post with my Monday Motivational Quote!


It’s Monday? No, wait it’s Tuesday

It’s 440am. I just got done with a tattoo illustration that took me all night to do. I wanted it to be just right. It’s a military tribute tattoo and I get a lil emotional drawing up those type of designs, especially since I have been overseas and have lost many dear friends. I hope to draw up my own tribute tattoo for the time I served, but just haven’t yet, because I want it to be just right. Here is a hint of what the tribute tattoo has in it. Hopefully, I will win this design at


Oh yea, here is the design I won over the weekend:


Last week was a busy week for me. I’ve been going hard on my new business, I finally manned up and got everything situated with my business license so now I can actually make a living from freelancing with makeup and body paint and all my artwork I have been doing. Whew, talk about paperwork and forms and fees. But it’s all worth it to me. I feel a sense of pride knowing that I work for myself and that I set the rules on how I want to work. I feel more motivated to work hard because it’s helping my family not some corporation. Ok, ok, enough of my tangent, it’s too late for that. Well, I guess it’s too early for that right?

My weekend was good, did a few gigs while hubby took care of sick kiddies who in turn got him sick with a stomach virus that I escaped unscathed! Mwahahahahaha (insert evil laugh) I’ve been doing a lot of shoots with Roger Mitchell’s Motiontography and I am loving it! It feels good to do something I love. Here are a few photos!



I am so behind on my videos too! But I got a package from a blogger in Australia from Valentines day, I sent her a package, but it just returned to me ( I filled out customs sheet wrong and I cant send perfume or body spray) so I have to resend it to her and she prolly thinks I totally blew her off. (I’m sorry if your reading this, I will get it together again) I want to show you guys what she got me.

I am sooo tired now that I have stopped drawing, so I will wrap this up and go to bed. I will keep yall posted as always what random adventures I have going on! Have a great morning, or afternoon, or evening-whatever time it is where you are reading this!


xoxox, Cecilia

Find arms that will hold you at your weakest, eyes that will see you at your ugliest, and a heart that will love you at your worst. Then you have found true love.

Family Wedding Freelancing

Back in October, my Aunt Beth got married to the love of her life and she asked me to do her hair and makeup for her BIG DAY. Of course I cannot refuse family!

I finally got the pictures back from her wedding and I wanted to share them with yall! My grandparents were in town and all of us were there with the exception of my mom because she was away on the ship. It was fun to see everyone. Weddings can be hectic, but I love it. The energy is high and the air is filled with excitement.

I love the photo above with my grandmother and I. Were both so goofy and this picture captures it. I wish I had the photographers name who worked with us, she had some really good shots!

I hope you enjoyed this! I hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Holiday! Thanks for stopping by!

All Hallows Eve Wedding

A good client of mine Michelle came in last week for a hair appointment, and I mentioned a few posts ago that she also made me this cute hat to die for! She also told me she was getting married on Halloween! And so she invited me to attend and would love if I did her hair and makeup, of course I wouldnt miss that since she is a good friend and client! :)

I was sooooo happy to be apart of her day today! I did her hair and makeup and also helped to take pictures at the ceremony for her.

She had an "anything goes" theme to her wedding, which leaned more towards a gothic theme. She made her own dress, bouquet and hat to go with it. Her family members and her new family also dressed up to celebrate this occasion!

It was a nice ceremony with intimate friends and family in a park nearby that has a beauitful Japanese inspired Garden. Minutes before we all arrived at the park, there had in fact been another wedding ceremony taking place! So, there are many more couples tying the knot on Halloween!

Here are just a few pics I managed to take in between of taking video and pictures for her and her husband, James!

( I wasnt dressed up like I had planned, I had left my costume at home in a mad dash to finish errands before doing her hair and makeup) hahaha

It was so heartwarming to see Michelle and James exchange vows, the energy in the air was so loving and I even teared up when they said their "I do's". I am so happy for them to start their lives together as husband and wife and I congratulate them on their wedding!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist