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Lets Turn it Around

Before (above)
Hello my beautiful Dolls! Its Thursday and trying to keep on my youtube posting schedule (of posting on Thursdays) I just finished editing my video! I have new hair colors again! My friend Lah helped me to achieve this look!  And you can check it out here!
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This week has been really hot out! and humid! So, I have been staying indoors except for the occasional walk with the pup! I have been working on various projects and trying to get them all done. I have been struggling on staying focused as usual but I am pushing through!
Jermie has been working his but off lately, framing houses during the day then working down at the oceanfront! Check out this cutie! hahaha I did his clown face makeup! He is so perfect for this job, because he loves clowns and he is such a joker!
I am happy to announce that I have found a salon to call home! Now that I finally got my license, I have been looking for a salon to fit me and my needs as well as my clients! It is a new salon that is opening up next month called Layla’s Glam Squad! It is here in the local Virginia Beach area, it is a multi cultural shop that will specialize in hair, color, extensions, weaves, nails, and we will also have a tanning bed in there as well. I cannot wait to show you pictures, because it is sooo cute and shabby chic! More will come on this! But I wanted to share in case any of my clients are reading!
Well, I need to get back to work, so have a great day today!

America America

I know what you're thinking...I know I'm like a week late posting this. The 4th was LAST WEEK! I don't want to make up excuses, but I just couldnt get to it all with the kiddos and work and then I was sick last week too. So in case you didn't see enough American Flags this week, you get to see one more! But the way I look at it, is I'm in America, I'm Proud to be an American so I will post this look anyway because it's just too cool not to share!

Products used:
Xotic Eyes: Wonderous Eyes
Custom Flag Lips
Silver Glitter Goo
Dramatic Eye lashes
Here is the video that took me forever to edit! I hope you enjoy watching it, because I enjoyed making it! Stay tuned till the end for Bloopers!

Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you, leave a comment!

Quote of the day!

Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.
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