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Lets Turn it Around

Before (above)
Hello my beautiful Dolls! Its Thursday and trying to keep on my youtube posting schedule (of posting on Thursdays) I just finished editing my video! I have new hair colors again! My friend Lah helped me to achieve this look!  And you can check it out here!
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This week has been really hot out! and humid! So, I have been staying indoors except for the occasional walk with the pup! I have been working on various projects and trying to get them all done. I have been struggling on staying focused as usual but I am pushing through!
Jermie has been working his but off lately, framing houses during the day then working down at the oceanfront! Check out this cutie! hahaha I did his clown face makeup! He is so perfect for this job, because he loves clowns and he is such a joker!
I am happy to announce that I have found a salon to call home! Now that I finally got my license, I have been looking for a salon to fit me and my needs as well as my clients! It is a new salon that is opening up next month called Layla’s Glam Squad! It is here in the local Virginia Beach area, it is a multi cultural shop that will specialize in hair, color, extensions, weaves, nails, and we will also have a tanning bed in there as well. I cannot wait to show you pictures, because it is sooo cute and shabby chic! More will come on this! But I wanted to share in case any of my clients are reading!
Well, I need to get back to work, so have a great day today!

New Updates to my You Tube!

Happy Thursday! This week has been filled with organization, productivity, planning, editing, drawing, designing, and a whole bunch of other things, which is why there has been a lack of posts. I have been participating in the YouTube Academy online course to help spruce up my channel. So far, I have updated my channel art to include some of my face and body paint artwork. I made a quick channel trailer as well, which newcomers will see if they have not yet subscribed. Check it out!

Cecilia Marie-Sweet Surrender Art

youtube channel art new face paint

I have been drawing of course and reworking some designs that had a few changes.



For any small business owners and entrepreneurs, i f you are looking for spreadsheets, invoices or project list templates, Microsoft Office has tons of them for free.

I helped my friend and soon to be business partner, Lah (who is a fabulous Nailist) color her dreads. She usually has her dreads blonde, but she has been wanting something different. I used Pravana Purple and pink and I love the effect the color had on her dreads. It has almost a rainbow ombre’d effect. She is going to retwist her hair, so I will have a more updated photo for ya! It felt good to do some hair. I am still waiting on my license to get mailed to me, so I am keeping myself more than busy!



My friend, Jackie flew into town this morning from South Carolina, to spend some time with me and for her baby shower were having later this weekend. If you don’t remember who Jackie is, let me refresh your memory:


Well, I am off to enjoy the rest of the day! I hope you enjoy your day too!


Snowing in Spring

How is everyone’s week going? Tomorrow is Friday and I am so happy. It’s one day closer to my sister coming to visit me from Colorado!!! Dominique and I are not real blood sisters, but we pretty much adopted each other as sisters since neither of us have any sisters. I haven’t seen her in about 2 years. I am beyond geeked out excited.


I’ll be picking her up from the airport on Saturday! Saturday is going to be a jam-packed day for me. I have a facepaint gig in the early afternoon, picking up Nique and then were all going to Tia Rachelle’s Release Party to celebrate her new single “Walk Right Through It All” and for her starring in the play “If a man don’t work, a man don’t eat”


Next week, I will be doing stage makeup behind the scenes for this play, which I am so excited about. The last time I saw a play at Willett Hall was when my mother and I went and saw “It’s Cheaper to Keep Her” with Vivica A Fox and Brian Mcknight.

I ran a few errands today, mainly dealing with the hair show prop that I am finishing up. I actually received some good news today. I was supposed to do some body painting for the hair show next month, but my client is actually going to be going to the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in August and invited me to go along to do Special FX makeup and bodypaint! I am super excited!


As far as tattoo drawings, I have tons of work! At least 7 designs that need to be done! Here is one that I won tonight on


I also had time to edit a video tonight (hey I’m on a roll tonight!)

SO go check it out!

Here’s an update of things!


Well, it’s almost 200am, and lately that has been my stopping time for the night. I have a doctors appt tomorrow so I need to be bright eyed and bushytailed!

Goodnight and thank you for stoppin by!

xoxox, Cecilia

I know you are doubting yourself at the moment. I know you feel unsure and scared. I wish there was a way to make you understand that you will get through this. I know you will. I believe in you.

Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

I finally edited my first video and posted it on youtube. This is a new year and its time for new adventures! I wanted to start a youtube channel for a few months now. I subscribe to so many people and I enjoy watching videos, so I thought "Why not?". I have always loved making videos when I was a kid, in fact I made a rather embarrasing reinactment of the Spice Girl Movie when I was 15.....that my mom tries to use to blackmail me. hahahaha!

I am going to be posting a lot of different things...from painting, makeup, hair and other arts and crafts, maybe some shopping hauls. I am very excited about it and hope people will like to watch it.

The next video I am editing should be ready tomorrow (I am hoping!) I also have the school starting on Monday, so I am trying to get everything done. Be on the look out!

Ce Cilia Marie

Do what you love and the money will follow.