Pick Me Up

With the New Year creeping up fast, many of us feel more energized. We all set goals or resolutions, and usually were motivated to do different things like lose weight, go to the gym, eat better, watch our spending, or trying something new everyday.

Not everyone feels this way when the time comes to ring in another year. Sometimes, we feel out of place, lost or we feel nothing. Completely unmotivated. We need a PICK ME UP every once in a while to remember what it is that we are working towards.
As an artist, I sure do have my days where I just dont know what I am doing with myself. I dont want to do anything, and I try to talk myself out of doing things, or I make excuses as to why I dont want to start something.

We all need reminding of what it is we are working towards. Its easy to get down, or depressed when things arent what we want them to be. We see our peers, family and friends doing things and we feel that slight ting of jealousy although were happy for them, we get pulled into a funk.

I just wanted to remind you  to just chill. If youre feeling overwhelmed, lost or unmotivated, maybe you need a break. Take some time to just refocus, and find some inspiration. Take a small day trip somewhere, read a magazine you normally wouldnt, log in to PINTREST hahaha.or call a friend to talk it out- youll feel better getting it all out! When your ready to move to the next step, you ll know when that time is.

Dont ever compare yourself to what other people are doing in their lives. You will never move forward in your path if your focusing on what other people are doing. Make a dream board, where you cut out images of your goals, your hopes and dreams and post it where you will see if daily. If you goal is to one day own a salon, or a boutique, having images of your dream goal helps to give that reminder to keep going.

Even though your goals may seem too far away, everyday offers a new experience that you take with you on your journey. Focus on what you need to do and as each day passes, it turns into weeks, months and then all of a sudden, youre at that moment in your life when things are going your way.

We all have our days. If you ever need a pick me up, you can come here :) For a smile and an online hug!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your stay!

This is for you Jinaki! I love you

Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

PINTREST Instant Addiction

After finally giving into what everyone was telling me: "Like, dude!!!! You need to get on Pintrest", or "I love PINTREST, I am soooo addicted", or "I pinned all these cool things on my wall". It peeked my interest and finally got an invite (because its invite only to be able to log in on it) from my friend.

As soon as I got on it, I just couldnt stop. Everything is divided up into categories, and you can browse what other users are "pinning" onto their digital bulletin board. Its kind of like a collage of different items and if youre looking for cool DIY ideas, or decorating ideas, or anything, its a cool site to find some interesting stuff.

The coolest part I like is that if youre browsing around online, or shopping online, you can "pin" whatever your looking at to your board and share it with others and you can follow other peoples boards and what they post.

You have to have an  invite to be able to login, but anyone with an account can send an invite! So, if youre reading, and want an invite, you can leave a comment below with your email address and I would be happy to send you an invite so you can get addicted too! hahaha

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone of you that came to visit me here! My Christmas was awesome, I am so thankful for my family, my husband and our children. A couple years ago, I spent Christmas renting a room in a basement in Colorado and wishing I was back home. Last year, I came back and felt so blessed to be home. This year is the same, except that my mom is still in Korea. I had to take her place as the host, I mean the Hostess.

Last year, Snow paid us a surprise visit..luckily no Snow this year... I hate snow
Everyone came over last night for Christmas Eve, all my cousins and Aunts, and even invited a few friends over that didnt have families in the area. I made lumpia, fried rice, a crumbcake, set up a chocolate fondue for yummy dipping chocolate fun. Then everyone brought something, usually appetizers on Christmas Eve. There was Asian Spicy chicken wings, monkey meat ( just a funny name for beef teriyaki), chicken enchiladas, and I honestly dont remember what else. hahaha

I was so busy cooking and running around, I didnt even have time to put on makeup.

The kids stayed busy coloring while I ran around the house. Drawing gingerbreadmen in my various sketchbooks.

We all exchanged presents among the family, then after cleaning, kiddos went to bed. And woke up really early of course, and tore into presents, and it was over in 6 minutes. I have a video I am editing today and will post inthe next day or two of the kiddos and what we all got in case anyone wants to see :)

Matti with all his christmas card money and chore money...he said "I'm riccchhhh!"
coloring one of Bella's presents! I had more fun doing it than her
Bella and her lifesize paper dolls and Panda Pillow pet and scarf She loved it
Matti with his uncle jeffrey
We just finished eating some ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and rolls. yum!!!!!!!  Here are a few photos of the kiddos from today! I hope yall had a blessed holiday and thanks for stopping by!!!

Merry christmas!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist


I cant believe it! On Jan 11, 2011, earlier this year, I started my journey at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy to learn more about the beauty industry and hair, color, cutting, makeup, skin care and so much more. This time last year I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, I felt I had no options. Now that I am done, I feel like I have unlimited options of what I can do in this career.

Today I graduated at 5:15pm and I cant believe it! I cant even begin to process it! I still have to take my state boards and get licensed but this is just one step closer to achieveing that!

I have met so many inspiring people, not just learning leaders on staff but other future professionals as well, and I hope that I have inspired others as well. I started out unsure of myself and why I was even in hair school when I am a fashion major and artist, but I found that I can combine all my passions into one. I dont have to limit myself to just one option.

As I practiced more and more on all my crafts, I became more confident in myself and what I can accomplish. Its just an amazing feeling to do something you love and for others to enjoy it as well.

In high school, I attended Fashion Design at Votech, and I had loved it soooo much, not just because of what I learned, but of who I met and the friendships I made. Going here is a similar experience for me. Life is really about the people you meet. You come to realize who are truly friends and who are not.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling, I hope that everyone has a pleasant experience while attending school. I was never one to get involved in drama, because life is too short for that and I dont have time! I know I am throwing out some cheesy quotes, but it really is true!

I just wanted to share  this amazing day with you!!!! Thank you for stopping by!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Tattoo Machine: No Artist Required?

A few months ago, I was hanging out with friends and we started talking about how one day in the future, someone is gonna invent an automatic machine where you program any design you want and it will just ink you. Of course I dont agree that this idea, a machine can never replace what a tattoo artist can do. A machine cannot make a custom design or personalize any type of shading. Tattooing takes skill. I dont know anyone amongst my friends or family that would seriously consider this.

As always, stumbling across random stuff on the internet, I came across this: a tattoo machine that you can program to give you a tattoo. Here is a summary of the product, from


"There's no arguing it, if you have a tattoo, you're cool. But, some of us aren't ready to make a lifelong commitment to a a random drawing a tattoo artist designed on the spot. This is where the moodINQ Tattoo System finds its niche.
MoodINQ gives you the opportunity to change that skull and crossbones to a tribal sign with a special wand you just pass over your surgically implanted E ink canvas. So how does it work? The good people at Think Geek have partnered with leading physicians and technicians in the cosmetic surgery industry to implant the E ink grid, called a canvas. The canvas can go anywhere on your body and be configured to the size and shape of the body party you'd like to ink. After a short healing period (usually 2-3 days), you can begin using the moodInq software included with your kit to change your canvas to display the tattoo you desire!"

My opinion on this is "ummmm, are you serious???" So your not getting actual ink done, youre getting Implants of E Ink. That just sounds weird and fishy. Almost as strange as a tattoo school that can teach anyone to tattoo in 2 weeks. Really People? If youre gonna go through all the trouble to buy this thing just to get some cheesy flash design that everyone has, then you are just sad. You have to get the implants inserted in your body, so How much is that gonna cost you? Prolly the same amount that you would pay to have a tattoo removed. So you might as well just go get a real tat and if you dont like it, then go get it removed, it will prolly amount to the same that you pay for to get the implant.

The grids look so weird, that it doesnt even look like a real tattoo. Temporary tattoos look better than that! If you dont want to commit, then go to wally world and buy a pack of dragon temp tatts. *sigh*

If you wanna see more about this, go to Thinkgeek.com

I just had to share this with my readers. What do you guys think about it? Would you use it? Would love to hear your thoughts

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Blow Your Hair Out, Not Your Brains

Isnt this sooooooooo cool??? If you dont know already, I am into some pretty cool stuff.  If I am not in an antique store, or in some cool, eclectic store, I am online searching for things that nobody else has- I guess I am a modern picker hahahaha (oh boy, Ive been watching too much American Pickers! hahaha)

But check this sweet baby out! The 357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer! Say whaaaaaaa????

On one website, it shows the price starts at $225, but when you follow up on Etsy to the link provided, it shows a listing price of $550.

Made in 1981, this cute dryer has 3 settings: Style, Dry or Quickdry. It comes with a white and silver holster with an option to screw into a wall for easy storage. It does not list the wattage of this dryer, but given when it is made, its wattage is prolly not as high as our modern day dryers.

I love this! When I have my studio, I would def have this or something like this hanging up where my salon section would be at. I have so many plans for the future, I love interior design so this really appears to me as a statement/conversational piece. I would prolly not use it just because its so vintage, but I thought I would share this!

Here is the ETSY link if you wanna check it out, or even purchase it!
357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have written it for you! Come back soon!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Geeky Cool Gifts for Artists

I was browsing online different websites, such as Etsy.com and FredFlare.com and came across some pretty cool gifts, at least I thought they were cool. hahahaha I just wanted to share with yall, so check em out!

Cute Onesie

Pin Up Artist iphone case

Sketchbook with a spot for drawing tools

Apron for your lil girl artist and her crayons

Foldable Portfolio and Storage for sketchbook

Comic Book Drawing Kit

Ceramic Holder for Paintbrushes

Music + Keeping warm= AWESOME

LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock

Etch-A-Sketch Ipad Case

An Awesome reference Book for Fashion Majors!

A Fashion Sketchbook/Journal

Plug in Software to record for your musician artist!

Cocktails anyone???

I love all these gifts! And each are withing a pretty reasonable price. I still have more Christmas shopping to do and of course I procrastinate about it! I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done already!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Super Service Day II

Rudy & Kelly Academy Paul Mitchell hosted its second Super Service Day this past Tuesday.  I have posted about this before, so for those who do not know what it is, Super Service Day is where the whole school takes on a salon atmosphere and the future professionals get a chance to be booked all day with back to back clients. Last SSD was in September or right before September, and I had booked 5 clients and also had 2 walk ins. I had sold the most takehome products for the day and won a set of Paul Mitchell Cutting Shears. (Which is AWESOME, because those babies are expensive!)

This was a photo taken after Super Service Day in September, I had received flowers for my birthday and stuck the fallen petals in my hair. hahahaha

We are all broken down into teams, andonce again I was on the GREEN TEAM. I had prebooked 7 clients and with my friend Hailey's help she assisted in blow drying and sectioning, shampooing. I had to pass off a haircut to her because I did not have time to cut a clients hair. I had two other assistants Josh and Ashley that helped to blowdry and style out my cousin, Jessica. See below

I did about 3 or 4  all over color applications, a Keratin Conditioning treatment, a manicure, blowdry and style. Almost every guest of mine bought products and this morning, they announced that I won for having the most services performed for SSD! Hailey also won for most take home products sold! And we are both on the green team.

Everyone that had a guest that day was able to pick two items out of a big cart full of goodies, and I grabbed some clips ( because you can never have enough) and Modern Elixers Foam, I also won a Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry V2 Dryer, and The Style for a Cause Stylist Pink Pack. I took a quick pic below

I had alot of fun doing the SSD especially since I graduate next week. I just wanted to share this with you on one of the many fun things I do at school!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Guest Speakers

Steve and Terry Cowan are owners of the Paul Mitchell Academy in Chicago. They are also the main distributers of Paul Mitchell in Illinois. Rudy and Kelly Academy welcomed them with open arms to hear them speak to us all, future professionals and learning leaders.

I tried to sit up front as much as possible, I was in the second row, and sorry if you hear my laughing and side comments and see funny faces from friends at school. hahahaha

I just loved the intro of their presentation and their inspiring stories and words of widsom. I am really glad I was able to meet them especially before graduating, and speaking of which I graduate next week. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ok, on to the videos.

There are three videos that I edited, since for some reason I cannot load videos longer than 15 minutes although I had the access to for a while. But oh well, I divided it up, and editing them as fast as I can even though I am not really taking out anything, just adding a title and credits. Its just my movie editor takes forever to save and then upload onto youtube. hahahaha So here is the second video

I only recorded about half of their presentation, only because for 1. My hand started getting tired :( and for 2. Time was running out and they had to speed up their presentation. I do want to say that their visit reminded me why I chose this industry to get into. I love the beauty industry. You meet so many awesome and inspiring people.

I was supposed to post this last week, but I got busy, so here it is. Even if you are not a hair stylist, these two are just hilarious and you can appreciate humor! :)

I hope you enjoy and come back soon!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Ni'Jai Photography Team

After I worked the Lawrence Brothers Hairshow, I was able to tap into a network of other Makeup Artists, stylists, photographers and models where everybody is able to show his or her work, photos, bounce ideas off one another and sort of form a family together in this ever-changing industry in our lil neck of the woods we call the 757, Hampton Roads, Virginia.

A photographer by the name of Aaron Ni'Jai approached me and wanted to see if I would be apart of the team with other artists, ranging from  stylist, makeup artist, nail tech, wardrobe stylist, graphic designer and photographer. Aaron has worked with other photographers, and one valuable piece of advice was to have a reliable team working with you.

Many of us have worked on a job or a shoot where we are thrown in with other artists and stylists, and people are not prepared, or do not work well with others, or do not listen to what the client wants. I know I have worked on a few projects where other people were not prepared and I had to pick up the slack.

I loved the idea that Aaron had, to have a team, a family who has many talents and can have a cohesive group of people who can rock it out!

Most of us got a chance to meet up with one another last weekend at a Panera Bread and exchange ideas. I love it that we all met because I love to meet other professionals motivated in their passionate craft. They say that "You are who you surround yourself with". I love to surround myself with positive, creative people.

Aaron Ni'jai FACEBOOK

Le'louch Vi Giovanni FACEBOOK
Wardrobe Stylist. Image Consultant

Bryant Murphy: FACEBOOK
Hair Stylist. Event Planner. Chef

Cecilia Marie
Makeup Artist. Hair Stylist. Body Painter. Artist

Talya Pennant FACEBOOK
Stylist. Fashion Blogger

Jasmine Cross FACEBOOK
Nail Tech. Makeup Artist

There are other members that I have not met as of yet, but I wanted to introduce my viewers to some fabulous and talented artists that I will be working with in the near future!

I tried to link everyone and their pages so you can check out everyones work.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you are in the 757 area- you can contact anyone of this group for any photoshoot ideas or your beauty needs!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist